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Do Hermaphrodites produce t.h.c?


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Hi there fellow enthusiast, I have looked far and wide to find some data or an answer of any kind to this question, "Do hermaphrodites produce t.h.c.? If so, than how much? e.t.c....


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Not that I know of, and I have never heard any stories about someone getting visited that has had seeds taken by customs.

If by some chance the seeds are taken by customs, they send a notice with the package, or separately that notifies you that certain items were taken by customs.

Herbies is one seed bank that uses extreme stealth shipping to help avoid having your seeds seized by customs.

I have placed 3 orders with them already, and have received all 3 orders. I suggest paying a little extra for insured shipping, if the seeds are lost in transit, they can replace them for you.


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I have found a home THC testing kit, just google to find it. I am too lazy to go looking for it today.
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