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To begin with, i am a non-experienced grower i have finished 1 earlier grow in my days.
An autoflower grow in soil, which i thought was easy. I really picked up fast and learned from my misstakes.
And I love growing in general so I tend to read alot about it just for fun.

However, to the issue i haven't read as much about Nutrients.
And I just bought myself a DWC kit (ph-m included) with lamps and aswell as the nutrients "Biobizz Starter Pack"
Which contains following:

After a bit of reseach about these nutrients i found out that they weren't supposed to be used in Hydroponics.
I've read that you can use some of the nutrients in the starter pack such as,
BioRoot, BioBloom and Topmax. ( Without any problems )

However the issue is I have already started germinating my autoflower seed. (Noticed that it had poped out when I went to check as i was writing)
And I can't buy new nutrients until about 4 weeks, as im really broke at the moment so I need to wait for my other paycheck to come.

What would you do if you were in my case, i know i screwed up by not doing the full research before buying the nutrients.
Thanks in advance!
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Also what Nutrients would you recommend?
However has to be relatively cheap aswell as productive.

I have some thoughts about buying theese in the future:
Advanced Nutrients :
Big Bud and perhaps combine it with humboldt nutrients honey hydro carbs.
What do you guys think of theese nutrients?

EDIT: Should i go with CALMAG if i use theese?

Is it overkill for a "noobie?" Should I just go with the standard Micro, Grow, Bloom?
Or just write what combinations of nutrients you're using! :)
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