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Finally - Cured Brazillian Haze buds

Smokin Moose

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These two buds are Brazillian Haze, and are from my last grow. The plants you can see growing in the background are Piefke's Power - from my current grow.
Each bud weighs about 9 gms.


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Thats the fattest bud ive ever seen.Hows the taste?

Smokin Moose

Fallen Cannabis Warrior
It tastes like Ouzo and sweet flowers. The aniseed taste is very like black licorice. There is also a hint of Passionfruit.


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WOW!!!! :3: That is a baseball of a bud. That is literally the size of a Major League Baseball :439: I'm speechless ;)


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My Goodness, what a helluva bud..Don't think that baby's gonna fit in a wide mouthed jar. Hell, that would be the least of my worries....Damn good job man!!:party::420:

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Great looking bud!!

I would love to duplicate the results!!!

:ganjamon:What was the bud weight per plant you harvested?
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