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First Grow, Few initial questions


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I am looking into starting to grow in the shed in my garden in an old kitchen cabinet, i have been looking at a 120w MH light to start with. I have been told that polystyrene foam is a better option than foil to line the grow space. i will be using two wall fans in the area, one to extract air from the area and and another to blow air into area to keep the air clean. electric temp/humidity meter. havent decided on a control for humidity yet. any advice or criticism to the setup so far could people please let me know as i want a decent setup and as this is my first time i am still finding out the better ways to grow. i am also unsure about heat from the lamp and as it is nearly winter i am concerned about the temperature being too low. any information would be very helpful thank you and 4:20 to you all :D


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Hey Hickey114 if you're worried about temps why don't you line the whole thing with 1" poly foam then foil inside that and make a contained environment so the outside temps/humidity/etc will not affect your grow in any way so you can alter everything? As for the lights I'm more of a cfl man myself but from what I've heard a 120w Mh should be fine if the cab is around 2sq ft. For the humidity just try a small rectangular sandwich box filled with water next to the plant to raise it if it's too high add balsa wood into the box as it absorbs moisture. I can't really suggest a lot as we're different growers but some advice is better than none :)

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