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Hey everyone, welcome to my first grow journal! Let's see what we can do!

First off, this will be my second grow, but first indoor grow with a whole new setup. I'll have two rooms setup with lights, one for flower, one for vegging. I currently only have the flower room setup for certain reasons, but there's no need for that now anyway due to starting from seeds. I won't be cutting clones anytime soon. For the flowering room setup i used a lot of techniques and ideas i've absorbed from reading other people's successful grows, so :thanks:

Now, here's the facts:

What strain is it? Barney farm seeds: Honey B / Phatt Fruity

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Honey B (sativa) / Phatt Fruity (Hybrid, mostly indica)

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just germinated the seeds last night and got them under light this afternoon

If in Veg... For how long? Just put under light tonight, waiting for sprout

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 6x4x6 room

Soil or Hydro? Soil

If soil... what is in your mix? Sprouting seeds in Miracle Gro seed starting mix

If soil... What size pot? Plastic cups for now, then i haven't decided if i want to xplant them into a smaller pot or just xplant them right into some 5 gallon buckets

Size of light? 1000W HPS/MH

Is it aircooled? No

Temp of Room? 75 Degrees F

Any Pests ? Not yet

How often are you watering? Setup simple irrigation that constantly drips water into soil about a drip every 10-20 seconds

Type and strength of ferts used? I plan on using General Hydroponics throughout this grow, i got good results using them with some outdoor grows

As i stated, I just germinated the seeds last night using a different method than usual (paper towel method) that i seen on here. I filled two dishes (one for each strain) with room temp. water and let seeds soak in them for 15 hours. I then placed the seed point down in my cups filled with water-saturated soil and put a thin layer of soil over the seeds and let them sit in the dark for about 6 hours. Now, they're safe and sound under the light, just waiting for the to sprout so i know we're in business. :)

I'll have pictures tomorrow hopefully so you all can see the room design and i'll explain a little more about that and hopefully get some feedback from the readers on what you think of the whole design. i was just really anxrious to get my journal going after waiting weeks for equip. to come in.

So there's what we have so far with hazey's first indoor grow! :thanks:

Happy growing, take care and hope to get some followers to give me some useful criticism

Sounds like you've got everything you need!

As far as germinating goes, I use a similar technique. I put them in ice cube trays that are filled with water, then leave them in the dark for 48 hours. Afterwards, I plant them in soil and then germinate them under the grow lights. The environment needs to be warm and moist.

Look forward to seeing your pictures.
Thanks! there are a lot of different techniques out their for germination.. the soaking method seemed more adequate compared to the frowned upon paper towel method, so i went with it.

But, i will have the first set of pictures up today.. i have to go to class then i'll be going to check my 9 little babies, check the room conditions (will post conditions as well since starting conditions were about an hour after turning light on so it may have changed a bit after 24 hours), and take a few pics for everyone :)

Cya in a while!
Day 2 under the light

I was too anxious to get some pics up so i got to go see the babies before i go to class. Here's some pictures to show all my fellow and to be fellow followers what i'm workin with, words simply can't explain enough sometimes. :thumb:

Here's what the outside of the room looks like, down in a basement


This picture is to show the light and filter setup (because of lines in camera from light, i uploaded an earlier photo as well before ducting and w/e else was legitly ran)



And now for the 9 babies still sleeping under the soil, waiting to jump out and let my G watt suck 'em up ;p Also a little of the Alright, but seemingly more faulty then anything "irrigation system"


And that's pretty much it! When i was in their this morning i was workin with about 85 degree F temp. and 55 humidity.. I know it's a little warm but hopefully that's temporary because i have the ballast and everything hidden inside the room at the moment for certain reasons, but it'll be removed ASAP.
Honey B and PF's 4th day under 24/7 light!

So far it seems that things are going quite fair.. (5/5) of the Phatt Fruity seeds have sprouted quite nicely and (2/4) of the Honey B have sprouted.. not quite sure what's happening there. Maybe they needed to germinate a little longer than the PF?

For the most part with the room like it is now, it is staying about perfect temp. / humidity.. it's pretty delicate conditions though. Can't be in the room for very long periods at a time or it starts warming up rather quick. I might have to do some thinking for the future of holding good temp. / humidity.

Not much else to say at this point in time, besides that i've been watering with distilled water (haven't got PH meter yet, will be getting soon to let ya'll know what PH I stay around) and they've been under the light 24/7 for about 4 days / 4 nights and this is what we have!

Pics taken 10/10/2011:

This first set is of all 5 Phatt Fruity sprouts and the temp / humidity gauge of course

Temp / Humidity

5/5 Phatt Fruity (both images)



Now, the 2 Honey B sprouts

Thanks! Let me know what you think so far or ask away if any questions, please. and Good day :party:
Back again, still 10/10/2011

I'm back again today because, I wanted to throw a few closer pictures up of the sprouts themselves, hoping to get some feedback on how they're looking. It'd be much appreciated. I personally have never germinated and sprouted seedlings myself (only worked with clones), so i just have an idea of what to be looking for.

The picture's quality isn't the greatest i'm sure you've noticed. I'm waiting on receiving a better quality camera, but hopefully these pictures will do some justice and get me some viable feedback.

Here's the first set, (2) Honey B's again, a little closer up



Here's the second set, (5) Phatt Fruity's again, a little closer up






Thanks again, Take care!
Update: October 18, 2011

Hey we're back again with another update, rollin close to the end of week 2.
I'm not sure if there are any 'life threatening' problems going on inside the grow room, but if anyone has any input on the healthiness of the plants please let me know.

Okay, specifically this is day 10 under 24 hr/day of light for the 6 / 7 survivors. Some "rust" spots have been brought to my attention on some of the leaves, I'm not sure what's going on but I'm assuming the spots aren't normal, so if anyone has any info. on the spots it would be greatly appreciated.

The current reference pts. of the setup are:

What strain is it? Barney farm seeds: Honey B / Phatt Fruity

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Honey B (sativa) / Phatt Fruity (Hybrid, mostly indica)

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg

If in Veg... For how long? Day 10 (Day 12 since planting of seed)

Indoor or outdoor? Indoor 6x4x6 room

Soil or Hydro? Soil

If soil... what is in your mix? Schultz 'Potting Soil Plus'

If soil... What size pot? 5 gallon buckets

Size of light? 1000W HPS/MH

Is it aircooled? No

Temp of Room? 80 Degrees F / 58 Humidity

Any Pests ? Few gnats, didn't see any larvae in soil or around plant

How often are you watering? It's been about once ever two days / whenever top 1/2 - 1 inch of soil is dry'ish'... Watering with Great Value Distilled Water, at PH 6.0 - 6.5

Type and strength of ferts used? None yet, just light/water/soil

Now for the pictures







For the most part, they all look fair in condition of healthiness to me, but im no plant expert so any info. from anyone wouldn't hurt. If I'm missing any helpful info. to better anyone's opinion please let me know and i will do my best to fulfill some better understanding of the setup.

Thanks, take care
Re: Hazeygrowr's First Indoor Soil Grow (some concerns, help and start nutes/lst)

Okay, I'm back again on the 2nd day of Week 4 and just started using nutrients today so i felt i could post a little update of what's been happening the last couple weeks.

First off, Im using General Hydroponics for nutrient supplements:

Now, on the 28th of Oct., i started practicing a little 'LST'n' on one of "Phatt Fruitty" plants. This was my first time attempting any type of training and I failed by over bending the stalk. I am using some wire to tie them down and when i was reinforcing the tie holding the top of the plant, it put more tension on the wire and over bent the stalk and broke the top off : x If anyone knows what the consequences of that will be, the feedback will be appreciated. For the most part it looks like she recovered alright to me though.

Here's a pic couple pics:



After that little hiccup i changed up my technique and was proven successful. Now i have all of them Lst'd down in some way, two of the 7 a little different caused by the snapped top and one of the "Honey B" plants grew pretty weird which brings me too my next question..

Ok, I had a plant growing rather funny so i decided to take my own actions. I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but it seemed as if the middle was producing just a fan leaf instead of a top? Here are some pictures to show what was up and what i did. Once again some feedback would be awesome!

Problem (That main center leaf is growing from where you can see the cut in the 2nd picture):


Solution (I just cut that leaf in the center completely off):

That's the important stuff, now for the rest of the gang, looking as beautiful as ever all tied down!

First (2) are "HB" (which one is slackin because i planted the seed a couple weeks late) and the second (3) are "PF"

Honey Bs


Phatt Fruitys




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