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First Time Grower seeking a little guidance supply and design wise


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Hey there everyone! This is my first post here at 420 magazine and im very glad that its about my first grow as well! I am a medicinal user looking to produce his own meds, i have been reading alot and have learned alot here already but still feel the need to run my plans and supply's by you all. First lets talk about my planned grow space, its dimensions, some minor details etc.

The photos below show the floor,attic access, shelves etc the closet dimensions are 68 inches wide 90 inches tall floor to ceiling,and 95 inches deep.

The shelf built in

attic access

Pick from beside the shelf towards the door

the shelves and cloths bar, I did several pullups from the bar and it didn't even budge...maybe i can mount the light by putting something accross the shelves like a long 1ft wide board.?

I have alot of questions so i will go ahead and ask them in list form because i tend to babble alot other wise.

I am thinking of a magnetic ballasted 1000 watt hps for my plants, i want to grow six plants but would that room heat up really bad with a 1k watt inside?

Would it be wise to use auto flower seeds for my first grow? Or is the light cycle changing stuff not a huge hassle?

I Have $375-$400 budget tops should i go with 4 plants and a 400 watt hps or no? I need to produce enough smoke to support my 3 gram per day use. Everything MUST MUST MUST be purchased at Grow Lights by High Tech Garden Supply | Your Online Hydroponics Store since they have a retail store right by me i just would feel better the grow supplies in person even if its more money might be able to bump my budget some in a few weeks.

I plan on lining those walls in the closet with mylar is that ok ?

I have no idea weather to run a soil grow if i do autos or just buy feminized and run hempy buckets ( heres the thread looks like a viable method to me Making a Hempy Grow bucket, Easy! - GrowKind.com Marijuana Cultivation Forum) mainly going for yeild and ease of grow for now so any suggestions on soil or hempy buket would me great.

what sort of nutes do i need?

I have no idea what to do about a fresh air supply for that room, the attick is large and i can see light leaking in around the eves through gutter grates...to pull fresh air from the outside do i need to run ANOTHER expensive fan? or can i just intake air from the attick as most of it has to come from out side anyways?

I know i am forgetting somthing so any and all suggestions are welcome! I appreciate any comments and NEED you alls input on this.



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Hey ECG. Glad you could join us here. There are alot of people with valuable info. I'll take a stab at some of your questions, but im a new grower also, learning as I go.

1000 watt light should be just fine in that size room. You shouldn't really have to worry about the heat building up because you will need to extract that air out and replace it with fresh air. That should keep you plenty cool. You will need either a inline fan or exhaust fan to get that air out, and another to bring air in. It is absolutly critical to your plants health.

As for the Auto. Thats a personal preferance. If you feel that the 12/12 lighting will be a hassle, go for the autos. If not, try and go for some regular seed. Feminized if you can. It will save you alot of time and trouble trying to identify the males.

Linning the walls with mylar will work great. Try and cover every surface you can for max light reflection.

As for the soil vs. hydro. I guess it comes down to budget. I am doing both a soil and hydro for my first grow. It will give me plants to put side by side and compare their groth rates, and over all health and condition.

Good luck and happy Growing!!!

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Oh, another side note. Almost all the growers here are using timers for their lights. So having to worry about turning them on and off is not an issue

The attic air will be to hot, pull it from either a window, or maybe a dryer vent. Or, use the small window in your attic. Just feed the air from directly outside by using some ducting.

The nutes are a preference also. I use Technaflora and have had good results so far. There are a lot of different companies out there. Look through some of the member journals, and see what they have had success with.

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Whats the point of asking for guidance when you dont respond to the posts?!?!?!


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Whats the point of asking for guidance when you don't respond to the posts?!?!?!

I apologize for not posting a response,i have got a ton of pics to post that should have went up a couple weeks ago college classes have been consuming literally 80% of my time. The seedling is growing great ill get into details and specifics when i get back to the house in a detailed update as ive acquired alot of new equipment etc since my original post.

Thanks for keeping up despite me neglecting to post new updates,


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There ya go! Excellent! Be sure to post all the new pics. We are waiting intently!!


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Alrighty everyone my apologies for not doing this before....here is a detailed and long overdue update! I am going to keep this rather simple yet detailed so please forgive me if my thread style is a little odd. As most of you that have read my complete original post already know i was struggling at first with what sort of setup i wanted to go with for this first grow of mine. I have everything figured out now, I am running a single plant 125 watt cfl grow using some bag seed thats either some fire skywalker ( will be using 100% cfl for this grow then most likely will transition to HPS / MH) or a nice cut of The Goo not sure which started in Miracle grow seed starter potting soil. The first week the little one did great she broke the top soil by day 3

Popping the top now the fun don't stop!

day 6

Up until Day six i had been misting the seedling only once per day pretty well, the 3 6500k cfls i was using seemed to be doing well since my 125 watt flourowing wasn't here yet

Before i forget, my full supply list for now is as follows (text and pic format for you guys):

1 x Hydrofarms Flourowing 125watt CFL 6500 kelving bulb included
1x 2700 kelvin flowering bulb also from hydrofarm
1x digital water qulity meter ( ppm)
1x General Hydroponics Ph management and testing kit.
1x temp/humid/ hygrowmeter
1x Fox Farms Trio Nutes ( fox farms Grow Big Fox farms Big Bloom fox farms tiger bloom package)
1x 1 1/2 cubic foot Fox Farms Ocean Forest organic Soil mix
1x lowes Xj rope ratchet kit good too 160lbs

things i had already list:

All fans used in my grow closet 2x 20 inch circular floor fans one pulling cold air towards the closet from a 5000 btu window ac unit
1 8 inch honeywell desk fan on the plant
1 dual 12 inch floor dan setup has two honeywell floor fans inside the unit one pivots etc
the chair the plants on =p
spray bottle
distilled water


Rando Flourowing mount area pic


Rando Full setup pic

Day 13

day 17 FIRST LOW DOSE PH MATCHED Fox Farms Grow Big dose given today!


day 20

And then you have the following pics which are all shots from today and yesterday ( days 24 and 25)I would like to say that this far the plant has had only several things done to it one of which was a recent low dose first feeding right after she hit 3 weeks. This is my first time doing ph control,watering ,feeding using nutes so forgive me if i miss the obvious haha. The closet has been getting hot at night when i have to sleep and close the door to avoid light leaks ( plant has been on a 18/6 cycle since day 100 24/0 cylce before that) it got up to 90 this morning at around 6 am before i woke up when the lights turned on im thinking thats why my levaes got brown on the tips in literally an hour they were fine the next 45 mins later the tips are brown and one is almost going black at the tip. Temp and humidity are almost perfect now with the door open under the light its 39% humidity and 77 degrees so i think heat is ok for now just super concerned about my all of a sudden leaf issues pic time.

day 25 are my leaves cupping for water? ive been pretty sparing with the water think i should give her a nice only distilled watering?

Leaf issue shots see the tips? brown got that way REALLY quick too figured the lights where a bit much and 1 1/2 was too close so i baced it off to about 2 1/2 inches.

more plant pics

sick leaves???

here is where my light gap is now


more sick leaves:



Fox farms ph kit etcetc


Thats pretty much the gist of what i have going on right now sorry this thread is in such a runon form im typing quite quickly to avoid the missues wrath so if more info is needed please let me know!!!!! I have concerns about my watering habits have been giving it roughly 4 oz of water every 2 days if that helps it only received 4 ozs of 1/8 dose grow big so i don't feel like a nute burned it the issue must be heat....always the hot haha cheers guys and thanks for the info mad tokes for you all right now!


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Just a quick update on the status of my browning leave tips, they have stopped spreading i believe but the brown hasn't gone away with a constant 77 degree temp today its comfortable in there for sure. Any advice as to what i should change to prevent this browning deal from getting any worse would be much appreciated.



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Just a quick bump / update, after asking around on some cannabis based chat rooms I have came to the conclusion that the little gal is nute burned. I failed to check the Miracle Grow Seed Starter potting soil for information regarding it containing low dose ferts....turns out it sure does contain a decent amount of Nitrogen etc. So that means on top of the poor thing getting heat stressed several times so far, it was also receiving a 1/4 dose of Fox Farms Grow Big on top of the ferts that were already in the medium still makes me feel something else was going on because of the super low does of grow big i guess seedlings are damn sensitive to nutes. So in light of those things, I decided to flush it once with good ph tap water and i plan on running to home depot and purchasing either a 5 gallon bucket or a 5 gallon pot today and then ill be transplanting this evening sometime. I will update with pics once i get her potted up in the 5 gal, i feel relieved to have the thing in some good ol Fox Farms Ocean Forest vs that seed starting mix.

Cheers n keep it tokin:bong::bong::bong:!


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Looking good man!! Im not 100 percent sure, but I dont think that your browning leaves are from light burn. I am leaning towards the Air temp being to hot. 90 degrees.... If it was light burn, you would see the growth closest to the light browning first, and it looks like yours are a little lower down the plant. Maybe a little nute burn in there too. Just flush her out with two or three times the amount of water the pot can hold and let her dry out.

Your list of materials is good. I would add a few Mylar blankets for covering the walls and floor if possible. Also get a few green light bulbs for nighttime work. Your a few months out, but better to have it there when you need it....

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Oh yea, stay away from those seed starting potting mixes and also Miracle grow!!! Not worth the headaches!!!!


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Going To Update this thread shortly alot has happened since my last update nearly a month ago so be on the lookout for another post tonight.

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