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ok I been here a while now an have had a continuous grow of some sort on the go

ok so these r the lucky buggers to get butchered (I'm obviously hoping not to fuk up ),,but trak record with auto's is with wot is in my tent at the moment,,

My set up is a 4ft ×2ft ×5ft high tent i got 2 of these
an 1 of these for flowering
cant remember brand name but although not needed it is a cracking flowering light
I popped an planted into

Now remember I only planted these 2 because I new i would have the room by end of the month and not 4hrs later i had to rescue 3 random seedlings, that had been potted in same 20 litre tub ,,he planted seeds straight into final bucket an he was wondering why they not growing :rofl:
Ok so I repoted the 3 from the big tub into

They looking much better but FFS the middle one is a fekkin auto an it showing a couple of pistils,,AARGGH i don't have room for these not if I want to put my auto's into 20litre pots
An all 3 of these r lookin slightly off an not just because of the repotin
Well obviously I ain't popping in notes just now but let's have a look thru the round window,,

I guess I have the basics covered but that bottle of elixir high nitrogen content at npk lvl of 20-0-10 ,,that shit is dynamite
But I did splash out on this shit

By the way the purple or black nails belong to the misses,,just clearing up any confusion so has anyone ever come across this "flower bomb " and if so is it any good ??
as its equivalent in price to buying eternal life snake oil :rofl:
So far I've used it on my gorilla shizzle,my chemdawg and my ak and it seems to be doin the business,,even though I have nothing to compare with :reading420magazine:
Managed to have a proper look at my new house guest an I inherited 2 photos an 1 auto all of which I have no clue on strain

This one is obviously indica,never seen that amount of purple on any kind of leaf this is after a small dab of the nitroge elixir. This pic shows a huge difference to how I got it ,almost all yellow with lots of bright purple....
So that left this

Again after a dose of elixir, but can't do anything about the nute spills on leaves.
And that can only leabe the auto,
I'm guessing all 3 were planted close to 30 days going by size of rootbals ,nice big bunch of roots
So looks like I won't b using 20litre pot for my kush an lemonade was hoping to use the tent for only the 2 auto's that haven't even surfaced and already they gonna b fighting for room
Well not much to report obviously,,sprayed pots to keep moist
And 6 hrs later BOOM both have cracked the soil ,,
that's only 2 day's from packet to breaking the soil
As soon as I can see tap root on arse end of pot i moved into large solo cups

And stuck em in a old coffee and sugar containers
The one with stick is the kush
Got a little defect on the lemonade ,second set of leaves is needed folded it

Hope she b finev
Ok so I've uppotted the lemonade into a 15 litre plastic pot

The bubble kush I put into a 20 litre fabric pot

I also topped the kush

The white shite on the kush is only rooting powder,
Both r in their final pots so let the games begin
After installing my new carbon filter I noticed a good drop in humidity, had never got my tent into the 30% range before or less than 70 at night gotta admit I'm impressed An never expected as big a drop
So I got 1 of these to give a try

Has anyone ever used them ? Obviously I don't have a co2 device to measure if there's any increase ,,I know it can do great things to plants worked wonders in my tropical fish days,,
So while I'm here it looks as though both have settled in nicely

The lemonade looks good an it's got a huge thick stalk for such a small plant while the kush is like a tooth pick in comparison

She seems to have taken to being topped ,,remember this is the first auto that I've topped I'm used to growing photos
So I decided to top the lemonade at day 24 I'm hoping it's not to late but I think it's all good :blunt:
Thought I'd give an update on my freaks I picked up at start of this grow it turns out 2 out of 3 r auto's so I stuck both in same 8 litre fabric pot

I personally would have got rid but the misses thinks there cute :kiss:
However the 3rd plant I have took an interest in

While topping her I obviously left a little bit of life

She has started growing again so I suppose I technically fimmed her
An potted her in 8 litre fabric pot
Had I not started the lemonade an kush I would have grown her in a bigger pot but I'm interested in wot she does
This morning I decided it was time to tie her down,,so that's wot I did

I did it on spur of the moment so ended up using wot I had at my feet which happened to b a cutting of a fabric pot ,,which although not cut to b used for tying down it seems it will work just fine
An the lemonade is doin good

Also gave them their first feed with npk 3.5 across the board .
The nodes on the lemonade r close together and it's got a much thicker stalk so don't think we'll b tying that one down
But we shall see wot happens later down the line,,
And this is how the bubble kush looks now

Lots of potential bud sites under full lighting an ready for business :meditate:

An here's the purple lemonade after a little tuck
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