Seedsman Black Sugar Comparative Grow Done Freaky Style

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Well today popped one of @SeedsMan black sugars ,have never had great success with dark strains so am hoping with solid genetics I can make things work
After reading the strains info it sounds like it was made for me ,being a indica dominant hybrid with an impressive sounding flowering time of 50 to 55 days ,altho I'll hold judgement on that ,
With its black domina heritage it should have a nice couch lock effect with a thc content over the 20% mark ,,it all sounds like a good smoke in the future :ganjamon:

So let's get the show on the road and to start I put 1 seed into a root riot square and wet and will leave in veg tent

My veg tent temp sits between 19°and25°
Humidity sits 55% 65%
And it is lit with a viparspectra p600 dimmable light

So the sugar train has left the station,,toot toot :ganjamon::Namaste:
Wile checking in I dropped my root square an they all mixed ,,but was originally gonna grow 2 but space is at high demand
So after dropping all my root cubes and not being 1000% who was who, I planted another one so will have 2 on the go
Was thinking I was going to have to pop more black sugars, but after emergency surgery this morning
BOOM looks good

Will b keeping a close eye on this little gal ,,the first seed I popped over a week ago ,,had a look and it not looking good but at least I can start this grow
@Jack 420 ,said I would tag u once things got going
@Trala thought I'd tag my favourite southern hemi gal when I saw u were participating
Lol,,I'll tell the misses u like em @Trala ,,

So this morning when I stuck my Head in the tent I was greeted with this little fella,,holding on

Lovely colour and I'm hoping by the end of the day her pale yellowing colour will green up ,,
This morning


I shall call this day 1
Looking forward to seeing if my bad luck with dark strains will break,,at least bend a little, lol
Again spritzin the cube with only water for first week or so

And here she showing her tail

Not much else atm
Germination stage

Still only spritzen the cube with water in another day or 2 I'll spritz her cube in field marshal green start ,,,


I will start spritzin the cube with this ,,supposed to have all kinds of good shit for seeds and cuttings
I have a full range of field marshal nutes ,the only thing of theirs I have used on a regular basis is their flower bomb which I believe is banned in certain countries and talk of it not being allowed much longer on this shitty island,
The big issue with it is that it's a pgr growth hormone ,which I suppose is like roidraging your plants,,
Anyway This will b the first time using the whole range of nutes
Exciting times
I got a dodgy guy to meet in the gym ,,,talk later
I'm hoping this little fella will do alright,,
Like I said at the start I've never had any luck with dark strains and today she looks a little squiffy
at least she starting on her 2nd node ,
I'm hoping she'll straighten her head an things can get going an she can grow straight
I'm giving her another couple days before she gets potted
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