G4-QB132 x12 RDWC 6x Jack Herer 4x4


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Aaaand we are off again! This time the full grow will be with the qb132's!

Light: 12x qb132 3500k (running at 75 watts per row for now until they can handle the light closer or higher wattage.)
Tent: 4x4 (48x48)
Air: 4" inline fan on bottom of tent bringing in air. The positive pressure this creates, throws the air out from above empty vent/s.
Tower fan: Is inside the tent right above canopy just to give the clone'lings good enough movement to help enforce itself.
Nutrients: General Hydroponics trio. Will also be using Big Bud, Bud Candy, Overdrive, Calimagic, Hydroguard and Great White.
Medium: Clay stones.

Ph: Will be set to 6.0 to 6.2 for veg and 5.7 to 5.9, maybe even 6.0 during flowering.
PPM: Currently feeding them the 'seedling' suggested amounts from GH trio RDWC feeding chart.

Day 1: 10/08/18

*Ph is in low 6.5 range
*Light =36" from canopy
*Water level 1/2" - 1" in bucket baskets.
*Light wattage = 75x3 rows = 225w
*1 SG and 2 GLP (Green love potion) clone/seedling in party cups also placed in tent.

Day 9: 10/16/18
*Ph=6.3, PPM=403
*Added 3 scoops Greate White.
*Added 1 TBS Ph down.
*Roots have met water for 3 plants - no longer top feeding these 3 plants.
*Topped the SG clone in P-cup.

Day 11: 10/18/18
*PH= 6.09 PPM=400-500's
*Light =31" from canopy, Lowered to 26".
Thanks! I'm looking forward to training this batch! Gonna go for a higher lollpop to decrease popcorn even more and hopefully get bigger buds, unlike last grow which was great in yield but no real big buds, all skinny.
Not much to update. I'm really loving how close the node spacing is. Unsure if this is because the light or just how jack herer strain is. I was under impression its more sativa so i was expecting a bit more space in between nodes, but i do love closer spacing!

I was a bit worried as i rushed into work and forgot to top water the 3 plants that needed water. I figured they would be very droopy and sad, begging for water but in fact i come home and none of them look to be droopy! In fact, 2 of those 3 that still werent touching water are now touching water!

You should also notice how happy the leaf's are on the big ones that have already had roots touching water! They are screaming for more light given how pointed upwards they are (a sign of leafs wanting more light). I will be upping the wattage from 75 a row to 100 a row for a total of 300w, on day 14, which is likely the max ill have it at the entire veg cycle. I wanted all roots to be touching water before i upped the wattage and lowered light to 20" from canopy, but regardless if P5 doesn't have roots touching water by tomorrow this time, ill just keep light at 75w a row and lower the light to 20". I dont want to light nuke the little ones that just barely touched water haha.

That middle right (P4) and front right (P2) should explode with growth now that roots have begun touching water.

Day 13
*Ph=6.05, PPM=392
*Roots now showing for 5 out of 6 plants, P5 should touch water within next 48 hrs i believe.
hi mate , just a though. to keep temps of res down, i have used some loftroll insulation for all my buckets and it keeps all the heat from the room out.(take a peek. looks like a trekky wet dream but does wonders for the heat issue} assuming its an issue i know but sprung to mind.
hi mate , just a though. to keep temps of res down, i have used some loftroll insulation for all my buckets and it keeps all the heat from the room out.(take a peek. looks like a trekky wet dream but does wonders for the heat issue} assuming its an issue i know but sprung to mind.

I thought about getting something like that for the buckets but never got around to it haha. Now that i know i can complete a grow in warm water temps, i feel unstoppable! j/k, i should be ok though haha. Is really only an issue come summer time. Thanks for the idea! I'll have to look into it next year when it starts warming up again.
Gonna jump in.
Getting my p.h. up to 6.4 in flower best plants ive had in a while.

Glad to have ya! I feel like im still struggling to understand the ph ranges as i had so many issues popping up last grow. My hopes is this time around by keeping a 6 to 6.2 range for veg, i can avoid the calmag deficiencies i was having last grow during veg at the 5.7 ranges. Could be the water temp differences, who knows lol.
Just a bit ago i got tired of constantly thinking about my air bubbles from the stones. I just wasnt happy with it, some buckets looked decent while a couple others looked lacking. My room mate came in and saw they looked a bit dirty so he unplugged them all and cleaned em. From just that there was an improvement so, good to know i need to work on my cleaning lol. I had brushed over them to give em a quick cleaning but never ran water through them to blow out some of the gunk buildup from last grow.

To improve further, i decided instead of ordering a double of my air pump, i just hooked up the old secondary to the main line's output. Now allbuckets have an acceptable amount of bubble action! I even turned down a couple buckets nozels because it was flowing so good, i didnt want to beat my roots haha.
Thats an EcoPlus 1030 gph and an Elemental 571 gph

Day 15:
*Ph=6.03, PPM=424, NT=82.6f
*Lowered light. Now 21" from top of tallest plant.
*Added 2nd air pump for more pressure/bubbles.
*Last plant to hit water did so yesterday (roots).
*Topped all plants minus #4.
*Lollipopped #1/3/5/6
*Added 1 TBS ph-up
*Removed 1 gallon water from rez.


Day 18:
*Topped #4

Day 19:
*Topped plants 1/3/6
*Started training for 1/3/6

Day 21:
*Ph=6.09, PPM=415, NT=83f
*Topped plants 2/5
*Started training 2/4/5
*By this point plants 1/2/3/5/6 have 4 main tops.

Day 23:
*Ph=6.21, PPM=361 , NT=82f
*Transplanted the 2 party cup plants into 1G pots.


I've just kinda left the pH to raise/lower on its own, i only ph up/down if it starts getting too far outside the 6.0-6.2 range im locking it in at for VEG.
I also haven't touched the water level as the roots have just been slowly eating away the water level so its taking itself down haha. The auto-fill is set where it needs to be so its just a matter of time before new fresh water starts getting auto-added in there and at that point, ill have to mess with pH more since the tap water in = 7.2-7.4.

So far it everything looks great! I dont plant to do a rez change until day 30 at which point ill refill with the correct nutes. Its still on its seedling/clone nute amounts from day 1. All the plants have 4 main tops at this point (well, 1 of em has 2 tops but it'll have 4 tops soon enough).

Was thinking of lowering the lights instead of raising power but im gonna let it go for a while as is and see how it does. Seems like node spacing is tight enough (i do want a bit of stretch to help training/space out the future branches).

So far so good here!
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