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Oh I’ve never used CMH, my flower tent is using COB/LED combo units along with fluorescents(for UV). Have read enough on them to be convinced they’re a great light though.
My tent was too small for my purposes so gotta wait till Monday probably before my next one gets here, which will be a very awkward size, but perfect for where I want it, 60” x 32” x 80”. Did fire up the CMH and it was impressive for what I saw, when the tent gets here I’ll get out the PAR meter to see how it measures.
Seeds from OES came in today, customs went through the package and found them, but let them go anyways lol! Go Canada!


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Day 24

Moved SS to the front, when I was gonna raise her noticed some fungus gnats, don’t think I was getting enough air circulation in the back so put a fan down there, then brewed up a light kelp/neem tea last night(for a couple reasons), tonight will give the bottom a light neem/spinosad spray just around the tops of the pots.

Also, pic of the full lighting set up.




She is really starting to “pour some sugar on me” lol, very sexy bitch :Namaste:


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Day 30

Every day I see good growth. They stopped stretching a bit ago, just growing those buds now. Heading out for 5 days, so really gonna be excited to see the difference when I get back.




They’re all doing fantastic. RH1 frosting a lot, RH2 not far behind. Both strains are listed as 55-60 days, so with MBP hopefully they’ll finish around the 45 day mark. Only time will tell :Namaste:


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Day 36
Not a lot of pics today, just got back and pretty tired lol

Ladies look amazing today, huge changes since I last saw them, really starting to fill out nicely, pistils started to orange so moving along well.


Side cola was hanging to the bottom of the tent, had to prop her up, main cola starting to fatten up nicely.



Next Round

Began germinating today, decided to skip Next Gen. Romulan Haze this round due to time, wanna have enough time to sex them out in veg since they’re reg seeds, but a great line up ahead!
Cali Con - Chem ‘91(I believe her strain says it all lol)

ONI - Sour Papaya(Sour D x Papaya)

Compound Generics - Pineapple Fanta(Golden Pineapple x Jet Fuel Gelato), on the GP side there is some Romulan heritage, which is delicious for me lol

IHG - Platinum Angel(Platinum x Hells Angels OG)

Since I grow SS regularly, I can tell you've caught a good one & have grown it very well. Excellent growing. :goodjob:
Thank you brother! Excited to taste her once she’s done...looks as good as one once suggested she would :Namaste:
Hey there G - glad to see you back brother. Man you came back like a frosty storm to. I like your style.

Nice looking set of ladies you have there. Mighty fine.

No-till FTW - just keeps getting better. Yeah u right. :48:
Glad to be back bob! And thank you lol
Was really tied up during veg this cycle and slacked hardcore on IPM, so the frost is currently acting as sticky traps for these Fungus Gnats lol....not a horrid outbreak, just an annoyance seeing them all stuck to my frost!


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Day 38


Really impressive plant...bunch of side cola shots along with trich shots...she’s faded her green a lot compared to RH2, but she is stunning


Her main cola is super fat compared to RH1.


Veg Tent

Got all 4 seeds to tap a root, put them into 1 gal pots today with the 315 CMH and hit them with Mycos....first time getting 100% tap root so should be good


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'Slow clap' :bravo: mighty fine buds you got there... looks like your stringing a piano in one pic:popcorn:
They aren’t the super fattest, but they’re heavy, perhaps Ca packed.
RH trichs. look pretty cloudy for day 38. Good looking plants all around.:peace:
That’s what I’m hoping for. The science behind Malt Barley Powder is that if used properly will reduce flower time 15-20%(tested). Properly is considered a light(I use 1/4 cup freshly grinded per 10 gal pot) top dressing every 8-10 days from seedling to end. It’s loaded with enzymes. :Namaste:

Edit: Not flowering time, overall. The enzymes help with every stage.


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I’m back! Again! Lol

The No-Till is still in full go, have had the pleasure of growing some great strains, and have some coming along nicely as well right now.

Currently in flower I have;
Connoisseur Gen. - SSSDH(speaks for itself)

Karma Gen. - RoadDawg(Stardawg x Biker Kush)

Cali Con. - Sugar Mill(GG#4 x Wedding Cake)

And an unknown bag weed seed that’s doing awesome!

Over in Veg I have;
Next Gen. - Island Sweet Skunk

Cali Con. - Island Punch(GG#4 x Purple Punch)

Compound Gen. - Cherry Bomb Gelato (Tropic Thunder x Jet Fuel Gelato)

Soon to join them in veg will be a MAC, an Obsol33t 91’ x Aliendog & a Cult Classic Sunset Strip!!

Some very exciting strains to say the least! Enjoy :Namaste:





Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2017
Good to see you back brother. Man you came back in a storm of green.

Digging your healthy plants.

Was reading a post from 2013 from Absol33t and his selection of a male from the 91 Star he was working with JJ I think. He called his male "NBK" = natural born killer. I'm wondering if thats the male he used to make his Chem line??

I'm running 91 Star (thanks BL) and wanted to find the lineage. There's a lot of history around the Chem line. How I found the post from OBS.

You running some Cookies variants next round. Good stuff.

I have some seeds of the GG#4 x Purple Punch - I have a vial I tapped to a index card and hand wrote the strain name on it. Forget where I got them now.

Was a finalist for next round seed pop. I chose Honey Badger Haze first but the are REGs so I gotta pop some more to make up for the males (again). Maybe I'll throw a few of that GG#4 /Purple Punch in there. I have the original GG#4 too from way back. I might even have the original GG. Pretty sure I do. I should organize.

Yeah bud so glad to see your back at it.

No-till FTMFW :high-five: You're killing it. Fvck yeah!


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Got the Absol33t(along with many others) from BL!! So he would definitely know much more about it than I!

Just finished off a grow with RareDankness Ghost Train Haze, Cali Con. Chem ‘91 & Compound Gen. Pineapple Fanta(Jet Fuel Gelato cross).

The Chem and PF were fantastic strains...really really enjoyed that PF especially! GTH was disappointing a bit, as a plant it grew beautifully and amazing, just unsatisfied with the high, not a strong punch to it at all.

It’s definitely hard sometimes choosing which strain to grow next lol...just picked up some Romulan F4 backcrosses from Next Gen., they’re regs though and yes regs are proving to be more difficult to deal with in my limited space lol

The no-tills going fantastic brother! Slowly growing it more, have 5 x 10gal pots going along with an assortment of 5 gal ones as well, looking to get some more 10 gal pots into the mix!

Always enjoy hearing from you buddy :Namaste:
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