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Ghost Trying DWC: Chemdog & Girl Scout Cookies


Grow Journal of the Month: July 2017
Thanks Stltoed, I need to look into that, hopefully I can build a 4 plant rdwc soon. Next run will probably be 4-5 single dwc buckets but maybe I get set something up soon.✌️
Yo scrogster current or last journal beginning had info on rdwc and it dyi might be worth a look
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I was hoping I could finish these girls by New Years when I first started this grow so I’m not to far behind lol. It’s been 57 days since flip, I believe the coco girls will be close to finishing in another week or so but Ms Chem in dwc will take a little longer than the coco girls. I will get a few pics up a little later.✌️
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Here’s a couple nugs I took off GSC 2 right before I chopped her and put in my box to dry a little faster for a tester, I smoked a bowl earlier and I was surprised at how good it was even though I took her a couple weeks early she still has a good high. Here’s a couple shots of the nugs I’m smoking on off the GSC that I chopped, plenty of frost on the GSC.✌️

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Got GSC 2 trimmed and jarred, done better than I thought off her. Almost 120 grams so a little over 4oz, I’m pleased with that. Makes me feel better about the rest also cause she was one of the smaller ones so the rest are gonna yield good. Im also surprised with the bud, for being a little early it is killer. I can’t wait to see how good the other two are once they finish up, their gonna be killer for sure. I will get some pics up of the girls tomorrow.✌️
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Yea I didn’t think she would turn out as good as she did, these other two should be dynamite lol. I got a tester bud off chem 2 this morning, I will let it dry a few days and give it a try. She’s the one I plan to take a clone from for a mother after I reveg her.✌️
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Ms chem is still swelling up also, the GH nutes have been great with dwc and I’m gonna stick with them. I love the control over the amount of nitrogen you have in flower and the buds on ms chem are frosty as all hell. I’m getting ready to start her on the koolbloom dry ripening powder.✌️