Greeting From Guatemala!


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Hey! I am Santi, i live in Guatemala, Central America. I gave my life for music. I love to make, listen, enjoy, create, smell, taste music. I also love weed. Guatemalan society is a very conservative, close minded society. Being a musician fall is the category of being a junkie, an addict, and if they get to know someone, (like me) smokes weed, we'd be labeld as a disgrace for society.
People are starting to open their minds, they talk, and talk and talk, with no proof at all, they have a speech burnt to their minds saying:
"Marijuana, c******, h*****, and other drugs are the door to your death"
i dont know, i dont undestand how can they put Marijuana besides c******, or h*****.
Marijuana should be legal, why? It is harmless, people enjoy it. Cannabis gives another lens to our camera. Weed may bring people together. :grinjoint:
Hola Santi! Tenemos la misma mentalidad con la mota.
Its good to see some awesome people from Central America coming onto the site to show their support for the greatest plant on earth.

¡Entonces Bienvinido y nos vemos!
Hi Santi,

Welcome to the 420 Magazine :welcome:

I feel your frustration at not being seen as a good citizen just because you smoke cannabis.

You're among friends here, thanks for joining
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