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Grow King Auto Northern Lights First Grow Questions


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Medium Soil Sunshine#1 mix c/w perlite 25%(approx.) ph 6.2-6.5
Light T5HO 2060 lumens/sq.ft measured intensity per plant is equal
Germination - soak in distilled water till drop then soil@25 -26 C
2 seed up within 48 hours 2 seed - 4 days 1 dud
All plants in same environment and same water/feed schedule no signs of being malnourished
plant 1- awesome growth bushy and compact......... plant 2- grow about 2/3 the size of plant 1 with same growth characteristic...... plants 3 & 4 growth very slow appear to be a couple of weeks behind the others ... appear healthy but not the growth of the other 2 about 1/3 the size of plant 1 & 2
Any suggestions why the growth difference.......is this normal with autos and indoor growing....past experience has been a more equal growth pattern with other strains


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I'm far from an expert as I'm doing my first grow now. That being said, I have done a bunch of reading. All grow conditions being equal, you can still see large variances from plant to plant. Some particular strains have more typical phenotypes than others, especially hybrids. Like you are seeing, you may end up with some short and bushy while others are taller and more lanky.

There are other variables as well. Some individual plants just may not be as strong as others for one reason or another. Your smaller plants may also just be slower than the other. Which being autos, they may or may not catch up. So basically all you can do is keep them healthy, try to avoid stressing them, and hope for the best.

One plant I'm currently growing is auto northern lights from nirvana. I apparently got the tall lanky phenotype, its exploding in growth as flowering begins. It was 13" tall on the 4th, it currently sits at 25.75" tonight. It was 22.5" last night, so it grew 3.25" in 24 hours.

So in short, if they are all healthy under the same conditions, it is perfectly normal to have different characteristics or even slower/faster growth from different plants of the same strain. Especially from seed. If you want more uniform growth, I would imagine clones from a great phenotype of a photoperiod plant would be the best bet.
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