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Growing in warehouse instead of home for personal MMJ patient


As a CO MMJ patient I was wondering if there were options to growing in your home.

Is there warehouses that cater to the smaller scale individual patient under 50 total plants?

Ideas or options appreciated


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You would need a license to grow 50 plants. The law for medical growing in the state is 12 plants with no more then 6 in flower at a given time. Basicly just twice the amount you can grow without a red card.


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Red Card address is linked to State ID / Drivers License address. Your grow must be located at the red card address.


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Something I've run across more than once with clients that were planning to relocate their grow.

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I have a friend that did not know about how the card works and the store did not tell him and just made them the care taker without asking him. Now hes trying to find out how to change it. He is 73 so very hard to get him to understand how it works.


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Listing an MMC as a primary center does NOT take away the patients ability to grow their own plant count.

Listing a caregiver does take away the patients plant count.

Thing is an MMC can't be a caregiver. Caregivers are private individuals that must give away their medicine and MMC (medical marijuana center) are dispensaries that sell taxed marijuana.

Dispensaries sometimes use the scare tactic to keep patients from growing their own medicine. Other times they just don't know the laws. This is very common.

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[h=1]You must hold a MMJ Card in order to be a Caregiver. You can charge for the cost of the grow, and you can charge for other services you provide for them, such a grocery shopping, house cleaning, taxing, etc.
This is from the department of public health. Medical marijuana caregiver requirements | Department of Public Health and Environment

Medical marijuana caregiver requirements

New! Medical Marijuana Registry System
coming January 2017

To become a caregiver, you must:

  • Be 18 or older.
  • [FONT=trebuchet ms, helvetica, sans-serif]Be a Colorado resident.
  • Not be the patient’s physician.
  • Not have a primary caregiver of your own.
  • Submit a Caregiver Acknowledgment with the patient's Application or Change Replacement or Surrender Request.
For patients under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must be designated as the caregiver.

Voluntary Caregiver Registry
The Voluntary Caregiver Registry gives patients contact information for primary caregivers in their area. To be added to the Voluntary Caregiver Registry, you must submit:

Senate Bill 15-014
Senate Bill 15-014 was signed into law by the g​overnor on May 18, 2015. The bill sets forth new requirements for caregivers to register with the Marijuana Enforcement Division and will go into effect in its entirety in 2017.
The registry is currently working on updating forms and procedures that coincide with this new legislation. We will keep our stakeholders informed as these updates are finalized and implemented.

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