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I hope everyone is doing well.

I decided to join the 420 Magazine website because my most recent grow has an anomaly and I would love to read some of your responses (if any) about this issue.

Here are the pictures to point out the deformity of one of the plants. The strain is Automatic Chiesel. I have called this anomaly 'Polybis' because it's not quite Siamese because it's not double-cola'ed, yet has the characteristics of double the amount of baby leaves and new growth.

I hope to learn from all of you growers!

Kind Regards,
2 sets of cotyldeons? Thats impressive I bet that plant is gonna be a big producer. I would breed it get seeds for sure. Welcome to the site
If you haven't bred plants before it can be well a big undertaking. You need a sealed room far far away from your grow. But hey its worth it we are creating 3 entirely new Strains so if you want give it a shot. Our breeding room will be getting a journal soon.

But more importantly welcome and hope you get all the info you need.
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