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Years ago I made this list over at ICM, I'm no longer active over there and thought I would move it here since I see several posts looking for CBD strains. Please tell me of any updates, I made this list shortly after the CBD wave started. Here it is:

"I know alot of people are looking for CBD genetics and there's alot of misleading information. Here's a collection of different strains that all claim to contain CBD.

This is by no means conclusive or correct, just a list I wanted to compile... almost all copy and paste.

Feel free to add any strains or descriptions and correct any mistakes...."

high CBD strains (above 4% CBD)

clones with names

Harlequin is one phenotype of a plant bred to produce hashish. The genes are 75% sativa and 25 % indica. The Sativas include an early-1970s Columbian Gold, a Thai from the mountains near Laos, and a Swiss native land race that was bred for consumption of cattle. The Indica is from Nepal's Mustang state. These are all high-elevation plants... Harlequin is available as a clone at dispensaries in the Bay Area that are participants in Project CBD, including Sparc and the Vapor Room. The smell and taste are sweet with an almost syrupy heaviness that is pleasant on the inhale and the exhale. she needs about 60 to 70 days indoors to finish her full flowering. She sets flowers fairly quickly compared to other strains. I see fingertip-sized bud set at two weeks of flower - compared to pencil-eraser size in other plants at the same two weeks of flower. She really needs some way to support the colas the last few weeks because the trichomes and flowering tops get so heavy. Along those same lines, in a drying room where strains like Blueberry or Bubba Kush take seven to 10 days for drying before curing, the Harlequin can take as long as three weeks. She can be completely obscured by 'sugar' to where she looks “frosted".
Harlequin has a CBD:THC ratio that is almost always 5:2. That is because the primary phenotype (dominate 50% of the time) is indeed a high CBD strain, unlike most well known CBD strains where the high CBD is a rare/recessive phenotype (Sour Tsunami, etc).

When something is synergistic, by definition, the overall effect is greater than the sum of the parts. For most patients, a near 50/50 mix of CBD and THC is MUCH better at controlling pain than either CBD or THC by itself. ‘Near’ 50/50 would include 75/25, and Harlequin fits that criteria very well. In terms of brain tumor growth, scientific studies have shown that both CBD and THC have about equal effects on tumor cells. The same studies have shown that a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC has a much greater effect than either used separately; another example of synergy.

Perkins Cut-
---- up to 20.2% CBD and 23% total cannabinoids.
Sativa dominant phenotype. Smell has an extra sharp kick of sour/citrusy funk. It typically yields about 6 zips per plant with a 2 week veg in my garden in DWC
Much respect due to Huel Perkins paying it FWD!

See Cannatonic.
Pheno found by Dr. Courtney. 20% CBD

"This strain is very hard to grow. A light feeder. High on the ph also.
She smells of blue velvety perfume. If left to go past ten weeks flowering she begins to get a touch skunky and purple. She smokes as smooth as you'd want. But it is just not thick on the lungs. Ac/dc makes a fantastic oil! The high is racy. Your heart rate speeds up and you get eager a touch. This settles after ten minutes.
Almost No Thc high feeling at all. Fantastic daytime smoke." -Jefe Noche

Valentine X-
Valentine is a 50/50 Sativa/Indica hybrid mix. It is a phenotype of ACDC and is closely related. We have run lab tests to see if it was actually different than ACDC, and the terpene print is different, but fairly close.

see Cannatonic
It appears that some of these CBD-dominant strains have different names but are actually the same plant. The LA-based Werc Shop analyzed the terpene content of two CBD-dominant strains, “Oracle” and “AC/DC,” and found that they were identical.

OmRita RX-
Miguel A. acquired 10 seeds of a strain called Rx from the Vancouver Island Seed Company in late 2009. The VISC catalog described Rx as their "favorite medicinal variety" —a double Indica cross of Romulan Joe with Fucking Incredible.
Of the 10 original Rx seeds Miguel planted, he says, "Only three of the RX seeds germinated, which resulted in two females and one male. The females were robust, colorful, and covered with resin so I brought some to Harborside where Rachael decided to give the Rx chance. When the test results came back from Steep Hill Lab, I learned about CBD for the first time.
Miquel renamed the strain to emphasize its medical value, adding the Sanskrit word Omrita, which means nectar. He acknowledges that the strain "was the result of someone else's work and any recognition should be directed back to the original breeders at VISC for their incredible creation."
Over the past year cuttings grown out from his original two Rx females have consistently tested at 9-12% CBD and 5-7% THC with Steep Hill Lab, CW Analytical, and Botanical Analysis.

Tikun Olam (Repairing the World)
Dr. Raphael Mechoulam in Israel-
See also CBD crew--- Tikun Olam's CBD strains are purportedly Z6 and Z7 from CBD crew

The Avi-Dekel cannabis strain-
Just like its counterpart the Midnight cannabis strain, Avi-Dekel boasts of numerous traits with sativa-tendencies. At maturation, the plant produces up to 16.3% of CBD. Most importantly, it does not cause psycho-active effects. The reason for this is simple; we are all aware that THC is the most active psychoactive compound. In its absence, a strain does not lead to the effects. The Avi-Dekel strain has extremely low levels of THC (at just 0.8%). It is effective in treating inflammation as well as sleep disorders that patients may be suffering from.

The Rafael cannabis strain-
This is a sativa-dominant strain, so you would expect to see quite a lot of similarities in the phenotype of the plant. It has a high concentration of CBD, with levels getting to as much as 18.6%. Its THC content is relatively low and is pegged at just 1%.

The El-Na cannabis strain-
This is what you would call a perfect hybrid, all for the simple reason that it contains 50% sativa and 50% indica. The levels of the active ingredients are pretty much balanced since you get about 8.2% of THC and 6.5% for the CBD levels. These ratios make this strain ideal for individuals who are not used to the psychoactive effects that abound with many different strains. It is also effective in the management of pain and nausea, and is a great stress reliever.

The Midnight cannabis strain-
Cannabis strains tend to have pretty interesting names, and the Midnight strain is no exception. This is a sativa-dominant strain, and provides up to 12.4% of the CBD active ingredient. Consequently, it is used to control chronic pain in patients as it does inflammation. It has also been shown to be effective in treating indigestion.

The genetics are Blueberry Haze x Wu#1. The Wu#1 was created by Wubby who provided the male pollen from a Reclining Buddha and Cassel who provided the female Cream. Ironically it was a mutual friend who killed that Genetic off in an accident, he thought it was something else we had duplicate moms of. Luckly the previous run had produced accidental seed pops from a Blueberry Haze hermie coming into contact with the Wu#1. Those seeds would become the basis of the R4 and three years of inbreeding has lead too the current version. All of this was done without the help of a person we both know. Unless he gets credit for killing the Wu#1 which in turn lead me to pop our accidental seed pop. No I'm not a brilliant Breeder but also not a thief. What I am trying to do is make CBD's available too all sick people at reduced cost as cannabis is not covered by Medicare or any health plan

15% CBD & 0.25% THC
Northern California Landrace Genetics
Suzy Q is a high-CBD, low-THC strain that we procured from our friends over at Project CBD in Santa Rosa, CA. Finished flowers of this strain have tested as high as 59:1 (CBD:THC) making this strain ideal for concentrate manufacturers and anyone seeking serious medicinal relief. (Click here to see test results.)

Suzy-Q's unique cannabinoid profile is perfect for treating a wide variety of medicinal ailments. Medical researchers in the US and overseas are presently using high-CBD strains to treat chronic pain, bacterial diseases, diabetes, nausea, seizures, arthritis, cancer, psoriasis, PTSD, muscle spasms, anxiety, bone loss, and alzheimers disease.

The taste is piney, crisp, and slightly reminiscent of the popular strain Trainwreck. The finished buds are moderately dense with deep shades of green and dark orange hairs.

Researchers have found that CBD levels in cannabis tend to peek about one week earlier than THC, therefore medicinal patients would be well-advised to harvest this plant early.

It won’t get you very high (if at all), but it’s excellent for treating chronic pain, anxiety and Inflammation. This strain is ideal for concentrate manufacturers and anyone who wants pain relief without the psychoactive effect that THC provides.

"David: Nutty, sweet scent and taste, no psychoactive feeling, helped with knee swelling. Girlfriend had GI symptom relief.

Monica: Suzy Q was a lifesaver, during one of my awful migraines. It was almost immediate, and a very mild after effect that didn’t leave me sleepy. I’d dare say it helped perk me up, as CBD strains that aren’t super heady tend to do that.

Rob: Another great CBD rich strain with VERY little psychoactive effects. Small-mid sized dark green flowers with a slightly sweet & nutty smell & taste. Left me relaxed and loose without any real heady or tiring effects.

Cheyne: I don’t usually like the cbd strains but this one was an exception. I had eaten a little too much of a 500 bite and remembered I had this susy q sample left. Took one snap out of my bong and about 10 minutes later the feeling of being kinda sea sick was completely gone. Still felt the body high from the 500 bite also. Always gonna keep a little of this on hand just in case."

Charlottes web-
Stanley Bros. R4 Genetics?
May I ask what strains you started with when creating your high CBD strain, Charlotte's Web? About how many generations did you have to breed before reach that product? Are you still working on that project, breeding up the CBD?
Absolutely we are still breeding. It took us about two years to get positive results. We started with a high cbd harlequin and sour tsunami I believe. It has since been changed with other low thc strains. Good question
Did you focus on any other specific traits when you were backcrossing, or just high CBD/low THC?
preferably high yielders
Any R4 in there?
yes. we have r4. Thanks to Greenwerkz. They are based in denver and recently have helped folks with R4

Luca Brasi-
The Luca Brasi has perhaps the highest quality buds found in any high CBD strain. Most high CBD strains are very low in THC, and the nuggets look closer to what you’d find in a bag a schwag than in a connoisseur’s medicine cabinet, but not the Luca. She regularly tests at 15-18% THC and 8-12% CBD, and has beautiful trichome covered nuggets galore. The smoke is sweet and earthy, and has very strong anti-inflammatory effect. A true medicinal strain.
Corleone Kush X Pre 98 Bubba Kush

Fuck Cancer

F*ck Cancer is a proprietary cultivar, a cross of R4 x Pakistani landrace, graciously donated by a Colorado company. It is an exceptionally medicinal plant, at 10%+ CBD, 5% THC, and 3% CBG.

In honor of George Washington's "Muddy Hole Days" (the days when he planted Hemp), the Medicinal Hemp Association, Victory Hydro, A Better Cure Ltd, Jason Lauve, and Ashley Weber will be distributing clones of the "F*ck Cancer" strain of Cannabis to interested adults in Colorado, starting Sunday May 10, in Longmont.

Seed Strains

Resin Seeds-
The first seedbank in history to discover the high CBD contents of one of its strains while testing Cannatonic at Spannabis 2009. They’re also the first bank to launch a worldwide CBD advertising campaign, in 2010. At the moment, the CBD-rich strains they're offering are Cannatonic and Dieseltonic, both High Times Cannabis Cup winners.


**UPDATE 6/23/15**

Resin seeds has updated the genetics of Cannatonic to Reina Madre x NYCD, not MK-Ultra x G13/HZ

aka Pickantona is our newest member to the CBD rich family and she has the same CBD/THC ratio possibilities as Cannatonic, the CBD-Queen. She is another great addition to your healing plants collection. We crossed Somas N.Y.C. Diesel with a reverted Cannatonic. Due to the different chemotype, the effects could have a wide range depending on the selected pheno. Ca. 50% of the plants will carry 1:1 THC/CBD. which is great for medical use. Diseltonic has a 8-9 week flowering time and a 400-500gr pr m2 with a 600w set up. She is a quite easy plant to grow and is also very resistant against fungus and powdery mildew. With Dieseltonic you will get nice looking buds with a hint of both the distinct smell of New York Diesel and the aromatic Cannatonic, a perfect combination. She has a sweet citrus mandarin flavour and will keep you smiling for a long time. The effect of Dieseltonic is often energetic and uplifting, great for days with activities

The CBD-rich variety G5 was bred from landrace plants derived from the Black Sea coast in Northern Turkey, where thirteen hours day length occurs in early September.

G5 was believed to be a uniquely high-yielding high-CBD chemovar, derived from Turkish parents naturalised at 41º N. Homozygous high-CBD chemovar plants like G5 produce only CBD synthase and no THC synthase.

The parental lines used in the breeding of G5 were selected on the basis of several characteristics including a THC:CBD ratio as low as possible. As a consequence, the ratio in G5 plants was lower than most commercial hemp varieties (deMeijer, pers comm), decreasing from 1:23 in the early harvest to 1:26 over subsequent weeks (tentative n = 1 data only). This apparent decrease in later harvested plants was possibly due to isoforms of CBDA synthase being present which differed in their ability to function in the increasingly autumnal growing conditions. However despite this, as the CBD content rose to 5.8 % and 7.0 % w/w in the final weeks, the corresponding THC content rose to 0.23 % and 0.27%.

Aphids were notable for their total absence in all seven year’s crops of the G5 CBD chemovar.

Over five consecutive seasons crops of the CBD chemovar G5 were seen to commence flowering within a nine day period between the 22nd August and 1st September, when daylength was approximately 14 hours. In all trials the crop finished flowering in the second week of October, just two weeks after the autumnal equinox, and this date could be predicted as optimum for future harvests of this variety at this latitude.

Variety names Grace, Gayle and Gill

CBD Crew. A project shared by Resin Seeds and Mr. Nice Seedbank. The first bank in history to successfully accomplish a CBD-rich scale in the entire descendance of the strains it sells. As of today, CBD Crew and their collaborations are the only way to ensure that every seed is rich in CBD, presenting over 4% CBD (with a higher CBD level than THC level); as such, these strains are the most suitable for a sick person who wants to start using it without the need to analyse first.

Z7 is a predominant indica with a splash of sativa. It union causes strong afghan and skunk aromas with an effect different to most other plants on the market.
Selection for medical use was a priority, so the rich CBD hybrid is a great solution to get started to growing your own medicine!
Smells of orange peels, berries.
Z6, Z7 and Z8 are 3 selected phenos from crossing Resin Cannatonic female with Mr Nice Afgan x skunk male. The regular version of Z6 and Z7 is coming from recrossing the 2 selected F1 phenos again with the same afgan x skunk male, while the fem version comes from crossing the 2 selected phenos (female clones from them) with the Cannatonic again reverted with the STS to work as a “male".
Z-series seeds are limited and not currently being produced. CBD crew has moved on to other breeding stock to produce stable cbd chemotypes... maybe the Dulce Canna clone... possibly originating from Reggae seeds Dub strain.

CBD Critical Mass-
Indica dominant
CBD Critical Mass is, just as its ancestor, a high yielding variety with the potential to deliver about 500g/m² after only 8 weeks of flowering. This green monster with a strong Indica dominance can spawn such dense and heavy buds that support for the branches might become a necessity. CBD Critical Mass is only available as feminized seeds. Suited for greenhouse and indoor cultivation. Grows like a Sativa, flowers like an Indica. Big yielder, like it’s popular origins. Pay attention to supporting the plant during the final stage of flowering, use sticks to prevent branches from breaking or any system you prefer. She can become quite heavy at the top, but you will be happy for harvest! A rich honey sweetness with deep and strong complex aromas.

CBD Nordle -
Indica dominant
CBD Nordle is based on Afghan Skunk and got its name from Howard Marks - Nordle was his code word for hashish when he talked about new deals on the phone back in the days when he was smuggling hash. These feminized seeds are suited for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation and the plants put forth from them display strong Indica traits and produce compact and dense flower clusters. CBD Nordle is a short and strong Christmas tree shape like plant. She produces dense and compact flowering clusters. One of the calmest most indica dominant strains we have, great for pain relief and muscle spasms. Nice tasty Indica with a relaxing effect! Strong and pleasant body odor, scents of onion/garlic. Similar to freshly cut chives with fragrance of fruit that follows.

CBD Shark-
Indica dominant
CBD Shark is based on Mr.Nice's Shark Shock, a hybrid created by mating a White Widow and Skunk #1 and serves as a good remedy for those who suffer from tension and pain. The genetic background of this highly potent medical variety is dominated by Indica influences and boasts with average THC and CBD levels of 6% each. After only 8 weeks of flowering it delivers around 400g/m². CBD Shark, Mr.Nice Shark Shock crossed with a CBD rich variety to make a unique CBD plant for the Shark lovers. Short and strong plant. Fast flowering and a quite good yielding plant, especially if grown a little longer. Great calming effect, perfect for relaxing and recuperating! Very fruity with hints of onion/garlic fragrances.

CBD Skunk Haze- 
CBD Skunk Haze is most likely the most potent variety created by the CBD Crew. When the CANNA foundation tested it in March 2012, their results showed a CBD level of 11.12%! CBD is known to have anti-psychotic, anti-inflammatory and many other therapeutic properties, so, if you don't respond to the regular chemical prescription medications, this might be the way to go. CBD Skunk Haze is a tall plant and quite self supporting. Flowers tend to be large and airy. Won 3rd place Sativa Cup at TreatingYourself Expo 2013, Ontario, Canada. Entered by a private grower. Cedar wood spicy with citrus/ pine/ mint flavors running along side.

CBD Yummy-
Sativa dominant
CBD Yummy is an exceptional Sativa dominant variety with a rich aroma of tropical fruit salad and high CBD levels. The plants have strong stems, grow tall and produce large elongated buds. Despite the high Sativa share the plants reach full maturity after only 9-10 weeks of flowering. Smoking this yummy weed induces a wonderful slightly uplifting effect and won't drag you down. Strong stemmed and quite self supporting. Large cola, beautiful buds. Super cropping recommended. Grows good both outdoors and indoors. Wonderful slightly uplifting effect, Yummy! Tropical fruit salad , exotic richness with delicious mouth watering tastes.

CBD MediHaze-
CBD Medihaze is a sativa dominant high CBD enriched strain and one of the latest of CBD crew new releases for 2013. CBD Medihaze is Super Silver Haze crossed with old time classic of Nevil Haze then bred with the CBD parents for enrichment. It has taken us some time and some testing but the CBD-crew has verified the ratios of CBD to THC as minimum 1:1, but with many of the progeny seeds going up to 2 CBD : 1 THC as well ! So the applications of this strain are of new potential to the medical community. Despite CBD Medihaze ancestor, this is a plant that does not stretch too much when grown properly. Ready for harvest at 9 to 10 weeks of flowering at 12/12 hours. In Northern Hemisphere this plant should be completed outdoors in mid October. CBD Medihaze produces a good yielding plant with spicy/ menthol /piny aromas and if cured for 6 weeks will be a very smooth smoking plant. The yields expected are between 450-550 grams per square meter and a lot of weight comes in the latter part of flowering as distinct from indica dominants whose weight comes with the onset of flowering.

CBD Mango Haze-
CBD Mango Haze is one of the most pleasant tasting plants in CBD-crew line up, as well as one of the new releases for 2013. CBD Mango Haze has exceeded the ranges of CBD to THC and we have seen plants ranging from the prerequisite 1:1 ratio to as far as 1:2, THC to CBD. The medical applications are immense and the potential to aid many issues of health are great, we are proud of the terpenoid content which we believe will be one of the most important future studies of our group for the benefit of the medical community in the future. When growing out larger plants the Haze heritage of this genetic means they will respond well to topping, super cropping and various other techniques that control height and yield. Despite smaller bud formation characteristic of Haze hybrids, this plant can yield very well and we would expect it to be between 450-600 grams per m2 per 600 watt lamp. Reducing the lower branches during the early days of flowering will promote larger single or multiple colas, thus reducing manicuring work and handling. CBD Mango Haze flowering time will be between 8-11 weeks depending upon the phenotype. Haze hybrids are better suited to mould resistance and can be very appealing to the outdoor growers as well as indoor growers. Resin production is impressive and the extractions possible with this hybrid will be full flavoured and appealing to all. An excellent practical Sativa dominant CBD enriched plant that will be a joy for all who grows her.

CBD Crew Med GOM Auto 1.0
MED GOM 1.0 is the result of a long research and development process carried out by Grass-O-Matic and CBD Crew to obtain a high grade medicinal cannabis strain with the advantages of automatic flowering. All the seeds of MED GOM 1.0 will generate females plants with a minimum guaranteed content of Cannabidiol (CBD) of 4% and which are ready to harvest within 60/65 days from germination. THC and CBD ratio would be between 1:1 and 1:2 and depending of the growing conditions the cannabinoid contents may reach 10% of THC and 15% of CBD. MED GOM is usually medium size plant which rarely will grow over 1 metre tall, with compact buds completely frosted of sticky resin emanating an intense citrus aroma with spicy nuances. The grower can expect 25 - 50 gr per plant. CBD and other cannabis active principles have recently generated a great interest for their therapeutic, curative and preventive effects. In addition, thanks to their ability to be alerting and reduce THC psychotomimetic effects (tachycardia, loss of memory and concentration, anxiety ..) the high CBD cannabis strains are gaining also the favor of recreational users with its milder and persistent experiences.

CBD Sweet and Sour Widow- REGULAR SEEDS
Indica dominant
The Sweet and Sour Widow by the CBD Crew is a gentle lady that will help you battle pain and tension. This CBD-enriched White Widow offspring has a vigorous growth during the vegetative period and is suited for more humid areas because the buds are rather airy and not particularly prone to mold. This is medical marijuana with an approximate ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD. A CBD enriched White Widow strain, this grows vigorously during the vegetative stage and on flowering produces slightly airy flower clusters, which end highly resinous. The airy start to the bud formation makes this strain more suitable for humid areas where more compact plants would suffer from mould. This strain has a distinct but pleasant odour with a sour onion fragrance.

Update 6-7-16
CBD Divine
CBD Divine is named after Shen Nung, “The Divine Farmer”. He is considered father of Chinese medicine and pharmacology and credited with bringing agriculture to ancient China. He wrote one of the first documented recommendations for the medical use of cannabis almost 5000 years ago. CBD Divine is a beautiful indica dominant regular strain. While the plant looks like a super skunk in appearance it has flavors ranging from citrus to fruit to berries and more. It is a staple plant for those looking to make good extractions for pain management and insomnia. In general it flowers very quickly and is easy to grow for all levels of cultivators.

CBD 3 Districts aka CBD 3D has its name from the wide spread genetic makeup covering 3 major districts, (Skunk, Afghan and Haze.) A complicated fragrance arises from an excellent Haze hybrid breeding true in CBD enrichment. The flowering times are better than on normal Haze hybrids ranging from 9 to 10 weeks and the yields and compactness of the flower will be a pleasant surprise for the beginner to the most dedicated experienced grower. Ratios greater than 1 to 1 will be common and the concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids will be a delight for anyone to possess this medicinal plant in their garden. For all types of people ranging from recreational users to cancer patients, it is a truly versatile plant.

CBD Pure Hazeling aka CBD PH is our strongest regular haze strain. With genetics that are the base of all major Haze strains and hybrids that the world has ever seen, this is a great plant for the devoted haze lover and grower. It will yield well and often show ratios well over 1 to 2 in THC to CBD. While it does take some time to flower, the wait is well worth it. For those who enjoy to have a medicinal stash made for a connoisseur, this is the girl!

some others...
CBD Amnesia (SSH) @ Harborside
CBD Lily
CBD Cookies

100% CBD-rich seeds: all seeds germinated are CBD-rich.
For the strains that also produce THC: we aim to have THC in a 1:1 ratio with CBD. To know if you really have a perfect 1:1 you’ll need to test a sample of your flowers. When testing large populations of seeds (for example 100 seeds of the same variety producing both THC and CBD), we noticed that the average results tend to show a 1:1 ratio, ranging from 1:0.5 to 1:2


So to dispel all future questions here is the list officially and strain names CBD crew is exclusively making for each major Seed company with their exclusive mother plants lines.
1. Dutch Passion buy CBD Skunk Haze and resell it under their label. CBD crew also make CBD Kush exclusively for DP ...look for the numbered hologram stickers for authenticity.
2. Paradise Seed Company have CBD Sensi Star and CBD Durga Mata exclusively made from our CBD crew production facility.
3. Barneys Farm have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list soon, plus they buy 2 CBD crew existing strains and relabel them under their label.
4. Positronics have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list soon, plus they buy 2 CBD crew existing strains and relabel them under their label.
5. Roor Seeds re-label CBD Mango Haze under their label.
6. Dinafem have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list soon, plus they buy 2 CBD crew existing strains and relabel them under their label.
7. Medical Seeds have 1 exclusive being lab tested and will have it on their list soon.
8. Eva Seeds have 1 exclusive being lab tested and will have it on their list soon.
9. Grassomatic and CBD crew collaborated and released jointly CBD Medigom 1.0 last September 2013, and continue to work on new CBD enriched autoflowering strains ...in collaboration.
10. Serious Seeds have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list before the end of 2014.
11. Cannabia Seed Company have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list before the end of 2014.
12. TH Seeds have 2 exclusive being lab tested and will have them on their list before the end of 2014.
13. Bulk Seed sales of CBD crew products also began this last 6 months but we only guarantee CBD enriched seed sold if illustrating an official CBD crew hologram with numbers...or ask us directly to verify if it is official CBD crew authentic seed.

SoHum Seeds-
Lawrence Ringo R.I.P.

Sour Tsunami-
Sour Tsunami is a strain that became famous for being one of the first to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. The result is a strain that’s effective at treating pain and inflammation without producing a significant “high” that is linked to high THC. Sour Tsunami CBD levels test as high as 10 or 11%, while THC is usually under 10%. Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective bred this strain over four years of hard work by crossing Sour Diesel plants with NYC Diesel. This sativa-dominant hybrid flowers within 9 weeks, producing dense, dark green buds with dark green and purple-tinged leaves. The buds have a familiar musky diesel smell with sweet undertones.

Canna - Tsu
Canna-Tsu is the offspring of a Sour Tsunami male that was tested at 14%CBD and a Cannatonic clone that also tested high in CBD's. 50% should be CBD rich.

Harley -Tsu
Our best CBD strain currently available. A Harle-Tsu has won Highest CBD award at the Emerald Cup in both 2012, and 2013. For a CBD variety it grows like an indica, short, stout and sweet. Originally Sour Tsunami male and Harlequin clone; this generation is Harle-tsu X Harle-tsu. Testing on this generation is showing almost 100% chance of being CBD rich! CBD levels can be up to 20%, with up to a 20 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC.

"I saved seeds whenever a plant gave me a creative feeling," he explains. "I bought ‘New York City Diesel’ seeds from Marc Emery. I liked it —great taste and no couch lock. I took the males from that and crossed them onto Sour Diesel female clones. I crossed the NYC Diesel and the Sour Diesel for about four years kept crossing it back to the Sour Diesel clone. Each year I’d save the male and do the dusting and make my seeds. One year a friend popped in with something that had a really nice creamy taste. I thought it was an Indica but it turned out to be 60% Sativa called Ferrari. I’ll never forget that creamy taste. I smoked it and my brain just took off. I’m a musician so I just grabbed a guitar and was going nuts for hours."
"It took me about a year to get that Ferrari clone. It was protected by the rednecks — the good old boys who used to be loggers and now they’re pot growers. They have this little clique going, the good old boys network. Very secretive and protective. They weren’t going to give it to us but we got it. I crossed my Sour Diesel —Double Diesel, I called it—to the Ferrari clone five years ago. Two years ago I re-crossed it back onto the Sour Diesel. Before I did that I had this thing called Tsunami. It was the Double Diesel crossed four times to the Sour Diesel then crossed to the Ferrari and then crossed back to the Sour Diesel. That made Sour Tsunami. It’s unbelievable. The creamy taste was there. I had no idea what the CBD count was until Samantha Miller [of Pure Analytics] analyzed my stuff and said it was 11.3% CBD. ‘And by the way,’ she said, ‘You have eight other strains with great CBD potential.’ -Ringo

Reggae Seeds-
Started the CBD wave...

Big up to MustaFunk for enlightening me.

Reggae Seeds. The first seedbank in history to have a complete collection of CBD-rich seeds, they created their first CBD hybrids in 2004 and set up as a seedbank in 2006.
During the first Spannabis, in 2004, Jimi (Reggae Seeds) bought a packet of New York City Diesel from Soma Seeds’ Soma himself. The selection included three males, one of which presented a very special Diesel scent. He used this male to create Juanita la Lagrimosa (Reina Madre x New York City Diesel) and Kalijah (Blue Heaven x New York City Diesel). A friend of Jimi’s in Mallorca took seeds from the Reina Madre x New York City Diesel hybrid and selected the original Juanita la Lagrimosa clone. During a Kalijah selection, Jimi noticed one of the males that hadn’t flowered in 18 hours. “It was super resinous and smelled great,” he remembers. This male laid down the foundations of Reggae Seeds, with hybrids such as Dancehall (Juanita la Lagrimosa x Kalijah), Session (New York City Diesel x Kalijah) or Dub (Critical Mass x Kalijah). It’s fairly obvious that this Diesel introduced CBD to part of its subsequent offspring, including Juanita la Lagrimosa and the male Kalijah.

Crank it up and feel the groove. The feminized Dancehall by Reggae Seeds is a speedy Sativa with a special beat - outdoors she tends to take gorgeous purple hues when the temperature drops below 20°C. Anyhow, she is the result of a night-out of the CBD-rich Juanita La Lagrimosa and a male Kalijah and obviously dancing was not enough. This fast-paced variety bears a heavy Sativa burden, but still manages to dance through its flowering period within only 60-70 days.
We recommend to send Dancehall by Reggae Seeds into flowering after only three weeks of vegetative growth because it won't branch too much then and will perfectly fit into a SOG set-up. Dancehall was born with a silver spoon - in both the mouth and nose. The aroma reaches from forest earth, to berries and incense, while the taste buds dance the twist to the lingering flavor. The fast-hitting and durable high is very cerebral and social, perfect for a close dance with your loved one or a dub-step with buddies.

The feminized Juanita La Lagrimosa (Tearful Jane) by Reggae Seeds is a predominately Sativa strain with a fruity flavor and a lemony Haze aroma. Mating a Reina Madre (Queen Mother) with Diesel created a variety with a truly amazing CBD level of 8,8% and only THC 6,7%. But, this strain is intended for medicinal purposes and not for getting totally stoned - this will make you high, really REALLY high and totally clear headed.
Juanita La Lagrimosa by Reggae Seeds is fairly quick for a Sativa and is ready for harvesting after 60-65 days of flowering or by early/mid October when grown outdoors. Tearful Jane is a medium yielding strain, but the extreme CBD level makes up for the slightly lower yield - so, if you enjoy a very clean cerebral high, drink some of Jane's tears.

The regular Session by Reggae Seeds has been created by pollinating the more than famous, legendary Diesel with Reggae Seeds' most potent male cannabis specimen, Kalijah, a highly potent plant, known to produce CBD-rich offspring. This is without any doubt the highest yielder Reggae Seeds has to offer, the term spectacular springs to mind and while we are at it, the exotic aromas are spectacular - fresh, sweet and bitter, citrusy, orange-like, with a mango topping.
Grant Session by Reggae Seeds only 2 weeks of vegetative growth before sending her into the flowering period to limit her size, because she can grow pretty tall. Give her plenty of nutrients and slightly higher temperatures and she will be ready for harvesting after 65-75 days of flowering or, when grown outdoors, by early October. Official weight of the crop: a LOT! And the buds of Session are a feast for the eye - large and fully covered with shiny, white THC ambassadors and mottled with orange-brown hairs. After this Session you will be totally clear headed and full of energy, ready to face the new day full of optimism.

In order to obtain the highest possible percentage of offspring with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, Reggae Seeds crossed two related varieties - a female Dancehall #24, a strain that had been analyzed and found to have a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and their potent male Kalijah, which is known to produce CBD-rich offspring. The result is the regular Revolution by Reggae Seeds - and she brings forth many plants with a 1:1 ratio - pure medicine to compensate the slightly lower yields.
Revolution by Reggae Seeds is a small and robust plant that has no high demand for nutrients, cultivation is easy as pie and the plants speed through their flowering period within only 45-55 days, making her a treat for the impatient grower. Outdoors you can harvest her around early/mid of October. The buds are large and solid, exuding delicious aromas of exotic fruit, sour strawberries and forest underbrush - you will be tempted to eat those revolutionary nuggets. Revolution triggers a very clear headed high, full of energy. Let's start a Revolution ... or at least some guerrilla growing of Revolution plants.

Juanita la lagrimosa = Reina Madre x New York City Diesel
Pioneer of the CBD Wave is a Sativa with short flowering. Big production and quick flowering with Sativa effect but balanced by the CBD, a very special effect. Was created by jimi Reggae Seeds and the selection was made by a friend in Mallorca.
Now you can find Juanita la Lagrimosa like a elite clone and like feminized seeds. Reggae Seeds is working in a project to create a Juanita la lagrimosa in regular seed format.
Regga Seeds uses Juanita la lagrimosa in
Dancehall (Juanita la lagrimosa x Kalijah). Most important strain of the CBD Wave. There is high posibilities that the elite clones Cannatonic, and Dieseltonic, bases of Resin Seeds are selected genotypes of Dancehall. Regular seeds.
Respect (Juanita la Lagrimosa x Cannalope Haze). Regular Seeds.
Sra. Amparo (Juanita la Lagrimosa x Jack the Ripper). Feminized Seeds
Other authorized versions and crosses (Feminized seeds)
Elite Seeds receives the genetic from Reggae Seeds and also offer a feminized version.
Pepita Seeds receives Juanita la lagrimosa and crosses with Black Domina to create La moreneta.
Royal Queen Seeds offers crosses in collaboration with Reggae Seeds: Royal Medic (Critical Bilbo x Juanita la Lagrimosa), Royal Highness (Respect x Dancehall), Painkiller XL (Juanita la Lagrimosa x Royal Highness)
Philosopher Seeds offers crosses in collaboration with Reggae Seeds: SuperJuani (Respect x Juanita la Lagrimosa), Guayita (Guayaka x Juanita la Lagrimosa), Sweet Love (Tropimango x Juanita la Lagrimosa)
Other versions
Irie - French Touch Seeds: according to the seedbank is a Elite clon of Juanita la lagrimosa x Kasper Diesel (a cross based in New York City Diesel of Soma Seeds). The format is regular seeds.
Family Ganjah: Juanita la lagrimosa (selfing) and Juana la loca (Juanita la lagrimosa x la loca lola)
Juanita la Lagrimosa lands in USA
El Bruixot gives clones of Juanita la lagrimosa and Dancehall during High Times Cannabis Cup to Nico Escondido, cultivator editor of High Times. Nico Escondido also visits Jimi in Girona and receibes clones of Juanita la lagrimosa and Dancehall again.

Med Tree Seeds-
Everything that was released had a success rate of 75-100% of CBD-rich progeny in the test runs.
ACDC x Xena
Most of them have a berry-like quality with citrus, pineapple, grape bubblegum. Super Frosty.

Toci#1 THC 9.03 %, CBD 13.01 %, CBN 0.03 %,
Toci #2 THC 16.34 %, CBD 9.57 %, CBN 0.04 %,
Toci #4 THC 7.04 %, CBD 12.54 %, CBN 0.03 %
Toci #5 THC 9.23 %, CBD 15.81 %, CBN 0.04 %,
Toci #7 THC 8.4 %, CBD 10.17 %, CBN 0.05 %
Toci #11 THC 14.5 %, CBD 11.22 %, CBN 0.05 %
Toci #12 THC 9.09 %, CBD 11.91 %, CBN 0.02 %

ACDC x Canna-tsu
Respect to ECtraveler!
Toci - CBD rich variety - Marijuana Strains and Breeding - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

The Real Seed CO.-
Region: Himalaya
Strain: Nepalese
Genetics: Pure Himalayan Charas Cultivar
Latitude: 28°N
Regional Harvest: late October - mid November
Height: 1.5m - 4m
Yield: 1kg - 2kg of dried flowers in natural environment
Aroma: rich, musky hash
Characteristics: amazing resins, aromas and flavours; intense high; 'indica' phenos
Traditional Purpose: charas (hashish) production; fibre and seed production
Grow Type: Greenhouse or Outdoors
Nepalese charas needs little introduction, and this is arguably Nepal's finest charas strain. The resin produced by these plants is fabulous: rich and musky, with a warm and balanced 'sativa' high.
'Dry sieve' hashish produced from this strain will bubble when smoked, as with the very best Mazar-i-Sharif..
Like all Himalayan strains, this Nepalese has excellent mold and cold resistance.
Medicinal growers looking for CBD chemotypes should find them in a good number of plants, as well as loads of medicinal terpenoids. Roughly one quarter of plants should show high CBD low THC chemotypes, and roughly half mixed 1:1 THC:CBD. Traditional Nepalese cannabis has a long history of medicinal use.

Chimera Seeds-
CBD Lullaby- regular
We offer these seeds as a medical selection for those interested in a seed line with plants high in THC and CBD (cannabidiol), one of the medical marvel compounds produced by the cannabis species. CBD is known to attenuate the THC high; you feel a clear mental relief from pain but don't get that "THC Zombie" burned out feeling some pure-THC plants produce when taken in the larger doses medicinal users require. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound that has proven anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-metastasis, anti-proliferative, anti-tumor properties.

What is different about this seed line is that it's a mixed population of plants- allowing patients, depending on their responses, to choose from the approximately 50% of the higher-THC chemotype plants, or the 50% of plants considered high-CBD containing no less than 4% CBD (most of these in the 9-12% THC/ 9-12% CBD range). The flavor profile has been selected towards the sweeter high-myrcene spectrum, an accessible scent palate enjoyed by many smokers both experienced and new to the medical use of cannabis flowers. These plants are excellent for extracts or edibles, and the flowers have proven beneficial to medical patients across the county. Yield is well above average

Sin City Seeds-
Thunderstruck Feminised| THC: .1-2% | CBD: 16-22% acdc x acdc S1
Treasure Island Feminised| THC: 2-4% | CBD: 8-16% swiss gold x acdc
HarleSin Feminised | THC: 5-8% | CBD: 10-15% acdc x Harlequin
IncrediblePower: (OmRita x BluePower) x AC/DC, 10-15% THC and 10-15% CBD, 1:1 THC/CBD
Cancer's Nightmare: Cannatonic x WhiteNightmare, 12-16% THC and 12-16% CBD, 1:1 THC/CBD

TGA Seeds-
Harlequin x Jack The Ripper
After years of research and testing we have finally developed a hybrid with very high CBD. In over 70% of tested samples the CBD was in the range of 12-15% CBD and equal parts of THC as well.

Harlequin x Querkle
Nearly two years was spent creating this new HIGH CBD strain that also incorporates a Indica style high as well as a yummy grape flavor.

303 Seeds-
The Snowcap cut we procured from Denver grower extraordianaire eyecandi is a beautiful sativa spirit trapped in a easy to grow hybrid body. The menthol/citrus is so potent that it permeates everything, including the concentrates made with her resins. Paired with the CBD rich Z7 we're seeing even faster finishing time and rich dark berry terpene profile blending with the menthol/citrus. With CBD levels approaching 15% in our tests, with matching THC profiles generally between 15-20% this is a potent treat that can potentially assist with a huge variety of ailments. Treat this one with love and she'll share her true sativa spirit with you.

Rare Dankness-
The OX-
A Bubba Kush dominate strain, built off of award winning Colorado genetics. This is a high CBD medical strain. The OX has the most wonderful coffee and berries flavor.
Lineage: Bubba Kush X Stone Mtn
50-70 Days flower time.

Lost Creek-
A stronger Indica over all body high, is what you can expect from LOST CREEK. A sweet aroma strain, that is also high in CBD’s. This is a great pain management strain.
Lineage: Bubba Kush X Rare Dankness #1
60-75 Days flower time.One of the higher CBD strains, this cross is medium to high yielder, that is a great first time grower strain.
Lineage: Bubba Kush X Afghani #1 IBL
55-70 Days flower time

Bodhi Seeds-
AC/DC × Good Medicine-
Bodhi took the infamous Californian CBD rich Medical Cannabis clone known as ac/dc which is testing at 21% CBD (Cannabidiol) and 1% CBD and crossed her with his lab tested CBD rich male from the good medicine project (Good Medicine is Harlequin x Appalachia). No rocket science on this hybrid, just looking to offer some potent flowers for people looking for something more on the medical side of things. These cannabis seeds contain a nice array of phenos, with at least half being cbd rich. Please f2 and make more or create your own hybrids, spread the love!

Good Medicine-
(Harlequin × Appalachia)
I made these seeds as a tool to use in a high cbd project, I made alot more than I need and so I want to share the love. Harlequin is a famous californian cbd rich clone, its a sativa dominant cross of columbian gold, thai, and a nepali indica brought to the community by Wade Laughter. Appalachia is a beautiful hybrid of green crack and jj's tres dawg created by h & l. I wanted to create a functional pain relieving starting block to cross to other cbd rich plants. There are only a few non feminized high cbd seeds lines available, so I figured this is a good starting point to change that. Initial tests on vegetive leaf samples are showing 2/3 of the plants are rich in cbd, in ratios of 1 to 1 up to 1 to 3. Outcrossing this line to other high cbd plants or inbreeding of this line could be a rewarding for someone looking to generate their own cbd rich plants for juicing, extraction, cooking and combustion

Harlequin BX1-
Harlequin × Good Medicine
Harlequin is a famous Californian CBD rich medical clone, its a sativa dominant cross of Columbian gold, Thai, and a Nepali indica brought to the community by Wade Laughter. She's easy to grow, smells of exotic flowers, and provides a healthy harvest of cbd rich meds. the harlequin backcross was made using three lab tested cbd rich good medicine (harlequin x appalachia) males. Harlequin is a beautiful strain, I've heard someone say the effect is like taking a hot shower, I hope that the release of this bx will capture the magic of the clone and allow people that do not have access to this plant to generate a Harlequin like mother for juicing, extraction, cooking or combustion. Untested freebie…

Limited/No Description
Good Medicine F2 (Good Medicine × Good Medicine) and Omrita RX × Good Medicine

In Testing/Unreleased
Herijuana × Good Medicine and Nepali OG × Good Medicine

Centennial Seeds-
Otto #1-
A high-CBD seed line developed in Colorado
Cross Info: Improved Hybrid
Relief without the distracting effects of THC.
Quantity: 14 seeds
Flowering Time: 70 days

I originally developed this seed at the request of a medical researcher on Oahu, Hawaii. The request was for replicable high CBD expression from a gender-stable seed. Now in its second generation, the Otto #1 seed is greatly improved.

Otto #1 produces two gross chemotypes, Type III, which is CBD dominant with some plants exceeding 40:1 ratios and Type II mixed types which express CBD and THC in roughly a 1:1 ratio.

The Otto seed line began in 2009 with an unknown seed sample given to me by Bob Winnicki, founder of Full Spectrum Labs.

This original material was highly variable, but it did contain a number of high CBD:THC ratio plants that became the early breeding parents of today’s Otto II.

The Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp seed developed in Colorado. Otto II is stable and breeds true for high-ratio CBD expression. Otto II is excellent for use in botanical extraction applications.

CBD:THC ratios range from 30:1 to over 100:1

The plants are vigorous and can be quite large. Flowering is complete indoors at 70-77 days. Grown in sunlight along Colorado’s Front Range, flowers reach their peak resin content in late September to early October..
When Otto II is grown as industrial hemp we recommended that Δ9-THC levels are assayed 3 to 5 weeks prior to anticipated harvest to verify that the crop meets the statute for maximum delta9-THC levels. Testing is crucial during periods of unusually hot weather and drought conditions which may increase total Δ9-THC levels in hemp plants.

BaOx(TM)- is a new high-CBD seed that combines an inbred Hindu Kush line and the Otto male used to create the Otto II hybrid seed.

The BaOx is fast growing, vigorous, uniform in height and breeds true for the high-CBD chemotype. Very high CBD:THC ratios have been measured in the test plots.

Pronounced “box”, BaOx is based on selections from an inbred-line of Hindu-Kush and the Otto II seed. The seed has been back-crossed and stabilized for high-CBD expression, fast flowering time and a short, dense structure

“I want to be the first guy to register a strain of cannabis with the Department of Agriculture under the Plant Variety Protection Act,” -Ben Holmes Centennial Seeds

Philosopher Seeds-
Heaven's Fruit is a heavenly gift with a high CBD production for medical Cannabis users. Even beginners in Cannabis rearing will enjoy this offspring of NY Diesel and Tropimango, for its resistance to pests is very high. The plants exhibit a vigorous growth and deliver 400-500g/m² after 60-65 days of flowering. Acquires purple hues during late flowering phase.

AlphaKronik Genes-
Stephen Hawking Kush
SHK is the second release in Alphakronik Genes' "Great Minds" series, named after famed physicist, Dr. Stephen Hawking. It is also the first offering of what has been called their CBD+ line, a collection of hybrids bred to enchance the Cannabidiol levels of the plant. Starting off with the rare clone only strain, Harlitsu, AG Seeds pollinated it with their tried and true stud, Sin City Kush to create what has come to be known as SHK. There are three specific phenotypes in this hybrid, one that is just like its mother, tall, stretchy, with heavier yields and higher CBD content, the second more of a hybrid between the two that has great colouration from a range of hues during the harvest window which also a 5:1 CBD level, and third the "Fathers' Daughter", which is a smaller, more pinetree shaped purple plant. SHK has a vibrant cherry and berry flavour, with a slight hint of mint on the palette. Extracts increase the mint/menthol flavour, often being described as "Cherry Ludens" with a berry finish. Stephen Hawking Kush has been known to aid in the treatment of muscular dystrophy, epilepsy, ADD, anxiety, muscular sclerosis, auto-immune disorders, nausea, and generalized pain symptoms. This plant likes to grow extra tall with strong branching and large fan leaves. The plant likes to be trained and topped constantly in veg, and prefers extra room for root growth during the first few weeks in the flower period. Also, top the day it goes to flower to increase yield by upwards of 20%.

Tesla is the second CBD+ release Alphakronik Genes has brought to market. Following up on the resounding success of Stephen Hawking Kush, AKG blended two of the most popular hybrids on the west coast together to create the most fruity tasting and smelling CBD line ever created. From Raspberry and grape to blueberries and jasmine, this hybrid features flavors never before found in a CBD heavy hybrid. Designed to maintain 1-3% THC content to keep patients auto-immune systems healthy and working, Tesla will work well to treat anyone from a small child to an elderly hospice patient. It promotes healing through low dose THC, and heavy CBD production. Tesla when grown properly will stretch a bit due to the mother’s traits, but will maintain tight internode spacing. Expect light to dark red and purple buds to finish within 65 days of flowering.

House of the Great Gardener-
The House of the Great Gardener has been working with compassion clubs for over a decade, gathering the best medical strains according to the patient’s needs, honing our selection of Indicas and Sativas. Our goal is to provide seeds of strains that work for you. We believe there is a psychological benefit just knowing you have the seeds of a strain that when grown will make you feel better.

CBD René
Another Canadian legend, the René is rumoured to come from a Himalayan Indica crossed with a Skunk#1 male. She has beautiful emerald-green popcorn style buds, smells strong and fruity, and she’s super stony.
CBD Rene is an award winning combination of flavor and high CBD. Rene's legendary berry smell, licorice flavor and perfect popcorn buds shine through, while the Canatonic in her delivers potent CBD at a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. To top it off, she produces quality, full melt resin. Our first CBD rich strain and we're proud of her.

Medical Marijuana Genetics
The origins of Medical Marijuana Genetics date back from 2014 in the U.K., where its founders started this adventure after one of them discovered the therapeutical properties of cannabis after using it to treat pancreatic cancer.
Soon after, www.medicalmarijuana.co.uk was created to inform all patients about the medical properties of cannabis and offer advice on cannabis growing. Taking into account that most marijuana strains on the market were THC-rich, Medical Marijuana Genetics was formed to develop a CBD-rich strain in collaboration with a group of breeders from the Basque Country.
The started with renowned genetics like Cannatonic and AC/DC to create Candida. Then, this amazing plant was used to develop different hybrids, creating a catalog of 12 strains rich in CBD (10% at least for all strains) and 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (again, at least, since most plants will have higher CBD content).

the flagship strain of Medical Marijuana Genetics, a feminized strain with very high CBD content
This strain was created in tribute to the mpther - already deceased - of the founder of this seed company, and the name means "bright light" in Latin. A ray of light for patients suffering from pains and chronic diseases, as well as muscle injuries.
This awesome Indica/Sativa hybrid was created by crossing two high CBD strains, ACDC and Harlequin. The offspring of this cross has very low THC content so it doesn't get you high, meaning this plant can be used throughout the day without a problem, you'll be able to perform your daily activities while you're treating your condition.
Candida can contain from 10 to 20% CBD, while THC content is never above 1%. As usually happens, CBD content depends on phenotypes.
The Sativa phenotype, with longer internodal spacing, reaches higher CBD content than the Indica phenotype, although the latter easily reaches 10% CBD.
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Thanks for those Old Salt. Please send any more new CBD strains this way. I'll try to be unbiased , but if it looks like it comes from some bullshit genetics or marketing I won't post it in fear of misleading somebody in need of medical cannabis.

I always thought Candida was a skin fungus. Strange name for a strain. "hey come smoke some of this Ringworm"

It looks like Candida is ACDC x Harlequin and Nightingale is a Candida x Shiskaberry. VCDC is Viper OG x ACDC

I think people are tricked by the marketing numbers of Cream & Cheese. 18% and 22% are the maybe the limits of each cannabinoid but I can promise they are not getting 18%cbd and 22%thc in one plant. You know what I'm saying? There's not 40% in cream & cheese. You don't breed a 20% cbd plant to a 20% thc plant and get a 40% plant.

Somethings I learned while making this thread.

1. Basically all contemporary CBD strains lead back to Resin Seeds' Cannatonic. Which originally came from Reggae Seeds.

2. Seed companies are manipulative in the test numbers. Buyer Beware. Use some research. If they can't show you test results than they are most likely bogus. It is VERY hard to breed a seed line high in CBD and below 1% THC. Don't believe seed companies that say less than 1% thc in every seed.
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