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How far into flowering?


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Hey all,
I have recently been on a long trip and set up an automatic watering/feed system for my outdoor plants.
Upon my return they had already begun flowering. It has been a few weeks since then and I am still uncertain of how far each plant is into the process.
As I'm using products to enhance the flowers I need to know so that I can add them at the correct times.
Thank you so much for any help! :thumb:

The first is a LA Confidential, I am treating it as if its in week 3? Any idea?

The second is a Jack Herer, I am treating it as if its in week 5/6? Again, any idea?


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Wow. Looking good. How long took them to start flowering? I have one auto and it have been 8 weeks since and havent start flowering.



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I would say keep treating them as you are your estimations seem close to right I would say maybe week 4 for the la and 5-7 for the jack no way to know for sure though either way they look great good luck with the rest of your grow


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The only way I feel I could help is to say that your plant that you guess is in week 3, looks similar to mine which I know is at week 3. There's also a grain of salt here!
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