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how long do your nutrients last with you?


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hello, idk what size is enough, i might buy the gh flora series 3 quarts size (3x1) will that be enough for the entire grow with 9 plants on 3 gallons pots? i'm asking because the only way to get them is the internet, i don't have any hydroponics stores where i live. thx


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Hi! Not sure about the gh flora series, but I use the EarthJuice Grow and Bloom modestly in my grows. I have been growing perpetually for over a year now with anywhere from 3-5 plants blooming and up 10 plants vegging at the same time. The nutes are each 1 gallon jugs and I have yet to run out of either since I started growing. YOu will only be adding teaspoon-tablespoon amounts of nutes once every 1 or 2 weeks depending on your style of growing.

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That should last you for the entire grow, really just depends how long you veg. Most of the time quarts last 1-2 grows for 10 or less plants.

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I would have to say it depends on what you are growing your plants in. If your using FFO or any soils with nutes it should last no problem. If you are coco or hydro then you might want a little more to be safe. Now if you are using LED lights then you might want to get extra cal/mag. Every plant I have grown under LED tend to need more cal/mag then they do under my MH and HPS.


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thanks all for the answers, i'll be growing in a generic soil, idk the brand but it seems to be good, i believe it already has balanced nutes in it, so i won't be adding any nutes for the first month or so, i'm afraid that the soil might cause fertilizer burn for the new seedlings, so i might find something else to grow the new girls in or can they tolerate that?

CO Finest, no i'll be using a 1000 watter mh\hps in a 4x4 tent, i hope my first grow goes ok :p

my biggest worries currently are controlling the ph, making sure that i don't have any deficiencies,
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