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How to get 6' tall

Keith Lake

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Sativas are much taller that Indicas but take longer to mature, choose your genetics accordingly.

Usually, plants stretch when they don't get enough light, but why sabotage the grow. I'd think the goal would be to maximize the bud weight and quality.
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Dr. 215

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You can get both plants to your desired height by vegging them longer, as long as you want. It would be sweet if it was legal to just be walking down the street and seeing huge cannabis trees amongst all the others.


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Keep the plants in veg for longer. Ide use good nutes, dont cut corners to make sure you have a healthy reliable plant. Ya dont want a 6' sick plant. Spend all the time to get it there and it dies. That would suck.
Your lighting will have to be spread out more. Hang CFLs to fill in the canapy below with light. They dont burn plants easily and have good light output for the watt useage. Trimming and cleaning the plant is a necessity. When you bud remember that the bigger the plant the more light you will need to get good buds. They will be spaced out more and will be harder to get really nice buds all around.
Keeping the plants the right size for your equipment seems to me to be the smarter choice than the room. If ya cant grow it effectivly you may end up dissappointed.
Im interested to see whats up. post pics, keep us in touch.
PS look at the female in my First grow pics. Shes got a ton of bud sites and is 5' I believe. I'll measure again.

I dont have enough watts to bud my mother quickly and efficiently really. Im investing in a 1k or 6oo watt HPS. Shes still in flowering and changing daily


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Well Dr better come on over and walk our back (4x4) streets.
Yes vegging them out as long as you think they can handle the weight of the buds when it does go into floweirng. What size container is this in? A good 10-12 gallon size will suffice, if not a 25 gallon for better root development, to hold it in place later down the road when she is in full flower.
And what is your lighting?


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25gal container is a lil excessive. look at the thread for tenessee pot cave. they had some but plants the were sustained in 5 gal buckets. I dont think they were but like 4 1/2 - 5' but thats about the same heigt and they looked healthy for the most part. This was a hydro:peace: yall

Dr. 215

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Well Dr better come on over and walk our back (4x4) streets.

Anyday, anytime man. I'd love to hit up Hawaii and chat with you about growin.


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Ide love to do a grow in tropical/greenhouse enviroment. That would be an amazing feat, i would go all out and start a hydro/aeroponics grow. My dream stretch far yo.....
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Harry Red

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I'd like to get my plants high as 6 feet tall. Is there anything special I would have to do to the plant? Their grow space is 10 feet tall so I'd like to get a good 6 foot tall plant. Mainly just for show.
Greetings night_neo. Yes, you're gonna need ~10 gallon buckets for 6 footers. You're also going to need side lighting. A HPS, in a reflecting hood, only penetrates around 3'-3.5' so anything below that won't get enough light. You'll probably have to add some vertical flouros or use a bunch of CFLs.

If you're looking for yield, I'd say LSTing and growing multiple main 3'-4' colas would be the best approach. The light can penetrate that distance and you end up with several long, dense, colas. That's what I did in my recent LST grow. You can pull this off in 5-6 gallon buckets...

I guess if it's just for show, it doesn't really matter but the lower half of the plant would be kinda scrubby without a little xtra lighting down there. ;)



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