Harry's Hybrid Grow

Greetings friends and growers!!

I've popped a few seeds which came from my pollination efforts in the last grow so I thought I'd journal this one up.

1 Phototron with 150watts of fluorescent lighting for seedings & clones.
1 400w MH lamp for vegging.
1 600w HPS for flowering.

Grow Medium
55% Canadian Sphagnum Moss
20% Worm Castings
25% perlite
Powdered Dolomite Lime (1-2tbls per gallon of medium)

Fox Farm's Grow Big for Soil
Fox Farm's Big Bloom for Soil (organic)
Fox Farm's Tiger Bloom for Soil
Age Old Grow (organic)
Age Old Bloom (organic)

I've popped 6 seeds (3 each) from my two best Mexi-Sativa females crossed with a male that came from an unknown, but more exotic strain, which looks to have been a 50/50 Sativa/Indica cross. I'm hoping for 3 females out of the 6 seeds but I've got a few clones just in case that don't happen. Four or more females would be even better. :smokin:

Seedling that are around 10 day from sprouting...


Here they are 10 days later. The funny looking one on the left is a floweing Lavern clone. She's be used or kept as a mother, depending on how many females I get.


I haven't fed them anything yet. I'll give them a taste of vegging nutes next watering. They seem to be doing well..



I have flowering Lavern clone in there as well if I need it.


Here's pix of the two mothers..


Fast Betty (chock-skunky)

And the Dad...

Captain Dusty


In case you're wondering whats in the flower room now, it's packed with five nice ladies. It's nearly harvest time so I've flushed one already and have the rest stagged and ready to be flushed.


So far, so good.. That's all for now!!

I think I'll go kick back and toke it over. :smokin:


wow, thats some nice stuff you got going on there.
Good luck with your grow I hope all goes just as well or better then your last grows.
happy smoking :)
Back with a vengence!!!!! Looking good Mr. Harry, that flowering room is looking stacked and packed... The offsprings are looking like they favor their Indica side of the family.... Good luck.... :ganjamon::peace:
Thanks y'all! Nice to be back for another journal.

Man, it's getting busy around here, with so many new members and journals. It's great but I can't follow them all. :smokin:

Back with a vengence!!!!! Looking good Mr. Harry, that flowering room is looking stacked and packed... The offsprings are looking like they favor their Indica side of the family.... Good luck.... :ganjamon::peace:
Yeah IRIE, I planted 12 seeds but only kept the 6 I liked. I've noticed that Lavern's offspring have wider tear dropped shaped leaves and Fast Betty's offspring have longer leaves with more well defined ridges.

I must be seeing dominate physical traits from each strain. FB's children seem to be growing faster too. She's from the strain that nearly triples in height during the stretch so I'm gonna have to watch out for that.

I guess Dad is mixed in there with both. It's gonna be interesting to see what I get from the 5 different mothers that were pollinated. I have a grower buddy who is working with seeds from two of the other mothers.

Yup, the way things were staged, I'm ending with 5 packed in the flower room for 5-6 weeks. Didn't seem to hurt though. One will be outta there in a week so that will be good for the rest.


Thanks McBudz!!

I thought I'd put up a quick update.

Nothing much to report on this grow but I've moved the seedlings to larger pots and started a little LSTing. I'm not going to put the plants grown from seed through any High Stress Training. I want to be gentle with them in hopes of getting at least 50% ladies.

I do have two female clones that I plan on abusing. :grinjoint:

I have 6 plants from seed and I'm hoping to get 3+ females but even two will work, being that I have two female clones just in case. Any less than two females would be a disaster but the odds are low that will occur.

They suffered a little minor stress from transplanting and moving under the hotter HM lamp but they are doing well and I expect a speedy recovery.

Group shot..


This is a clone of purple Shirley. I had already been vegging and LSTing it for a couple of weeks before starting up the other 7 plants. She is a slow grower and she doesn't get very tall so I needed to get a head start with her. I suspect she will be the first one I move to flowering.


To keep this journal from getting boring, I thought I sprinkle in my harvest pix as I posted updates to the vegging.

Here's the results of my 1st of 5 plants to be harvested over the next several weeks. It's a Roxy clone that went 90 days @ 12/12. She produced ~120 grams of nice bud when dried, which is a bit over 4oz. I'm happy with that.




She has a citrus taste and good up buzz however this will be the last time I grow Roxy. She was a nice plant and a good yielder but I've bigger fish to fry. I do have some of her seeds that I crossed up with Capt. Dusty for future grows. ;)

Time for another smoke test. :smokin:


Harry!Sweet looking gardens as usual brother.Glad to see you back for another journal,I know this is going to be a good ride. ;)
I hear ya man. I'm letting go of another strain (well pheno - Sheena) this time around because she is now showing too many bananas after about the 4th generation cloning. She was the really red haired one that had a bubblegum smell and sweet taste. Judging from the last time I grew her, I suspected that she might do that so I had her several weeks behind all the others, figuring I would be harvesting them before she had a chance to spread any naner pollen around. Luckily, it worked out like I'd planned.

Update: I've harvested one of the Fast Betty twins today. This is the experiment that I've been running comparing Age Old Organics (AOG/AOB) to Fox Farms (GB/BB/TB) nutes.

The two clones I used in this test were pretty much identical: the same size, LST method, grow medium and strain.

This is what they looked like during vegging..


The one I harvested today was grown using only the Fox Farms products. She was really a nice yielder. I'll bet I get at least 5oz+ dry off her, maybe 6oz. She produced many long filled out colas with large fist sized tops on the ends.



You can see the size of the nugs compared to my hand..

I'll be harvesting the one grown with Age Old Organics in a couple of days.

They both got off to a fast start and it looked like the AO was going to outdo the FF but toward the end, it looked like the FF grown plant just might have edged out the AO grown plant. It was the first time I had used the AO products so that difference may have been due to my inexperience using the nutes but it's gonna be close. I think both products performed very well.



PS: I spent 8 hours on growing today, including flushing, harvesting and trimming, watering and nuting.

Dang, this little hobby can involve some time and effort. :smokin:
Harry man what can i say I wish i had no prolems like you kudos on the harvvests and good luck on the new grow i think 5 females will come ill be in the coner lurking.
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