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how would u guys control humidity and temp in a florida greenhouse?


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hey guys, I'm planning on building my first greenhouse. I live in florida and the temperature is low 90s and very very humid. What system could I use outdoors to create the optimum environment for my plants within the greenhouse?



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If possible get a unit that has a built in heater as well, it would be a shame if a cold snap/front came in and killed your girls. A mild frost (temperatures of 31 – 32 degrees F. for an hour or two) or even temperatures down to 35 degrees F. will slow growth for several days or longer. A killing frost/snap freeze (temperatures below 31 degrees for more than two hours) can wipe out a crop.


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I use an oil filled radiant heater in my grow area. It's small. I shove it in there when the temps get low... maybe for about 3 months in the winter.
You should setup your area to dissipate heat as effectively as possible. Heat will be your major issue... not so much the cold in Florida. If a random cold front does blow thru, you can easily stick a small heater in the greenhouse.
I really suspect your greenhouse would benefit from some sort of insulation layer. I have no idea how you could insulate a greenhouse and still maintain maximum light. When the outside air is 90, the sun will drive those greenhouse temps way high. You may want to do some pre-grow temperature testing.
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