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Hydro store owner says "longer veg time = longer flower time" T or F?


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The owner of the hydro store I go to recently told me that "the longer you veg for, the longer it will take in flower". Just to clarify he is meaning the time the plants stay in flower until they are ready to harvest - not the time it takes to kick in to flower from a vegetative state.

Is this True or False? I looked up a couple dozen articles and posts from google-ing "flower time cannabis" and couldn't find a single article or thread that supports this claim.

My grow partner now wants to cut down our veg time because he is worried that it will take longer to flower, where I would prefer to veg the plants out longer to get larger plants. We are vegging in a seperate room while the others are in flower - so my perspective is to let it veg as long as they can while they wait for the flower room.

Anyone else ever heard of "longer veg = longer flower"?


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False but sorta true lol.

When you veg longer, usually the plants become taller. Buds at the bottom dont mature at the same time as buds at the top. So for some ppl who chop the top half first let the bottom ripen up then chop that, they could experience 1-2 weeks extra of flower to get the uniform maturation. But overall he misinformed you.


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8 weeks is 8 weeks...some phenos are shorter and some are longer......Clearly the guy doesnt grow weed....dont listen to his advice on anything this simple.


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where the hell do these hydro guys come from? I have never gotten such a false piece of advice from any hydro store around here.
Ive met some real jackasses and some really great people


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The store down the block from me is very knowledgable and gives excellent advice. good for the people in the area hate to be in your shoes find a different store if possible if not we are allways here for you man... good luck...


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His advice, while probably well-intentioned, doesn't appear correct. In fairness to him, pot questions put these guys in a difficult position. Local hydro supply stores are often handy so, in addition, you may want to develop an alternative 'pot-specific' resource. A combination of a well-regarded classic such as Green's or Cervante's work, along with forums like this, are good places to start.


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Haha, maybe he was referring to tomatoes?
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