Leaves around the top are turning yellow/brown during flowering


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Hello! I flushed my plants about a week ago because I saw some nutrient burns on the tips of some of the leafs, now a couple of my plants are having some leafs turn yellowish brown, some are lower leafs and some are higher up on the cola.

I've attached photos. I've been using foxfarm big bloom every other watering before I did the flush and then I started with half dose after a day or two.

Thanks for any info

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Now that we got that out of the way what are the specifics of your grow? Lights water food soil ect? If you can give us a better idea of the details it would help us give you a soild answer to your problem. It is some sort of difecancy but why you are experiencing it can be hard to guess without knowing all the facts.
I'm using Leds, just Mars hydro so nothing special. Water is just tap water I PH before using, very clean water, not LA water. I'm using oceans forest soil (something like that)

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