Leaves curling under and droopy


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Like the title says my leaves are curling under and droopy only on one side of the plant. I think it may be heat related. I'm several weeks into flowering and one cola is starting to worry me. I'm growing in soil with bagseed. Plant is a little over 4 foot.I just raised two 65 watt cfls to about a foot from the plant. Light schedule is 10 on 14 off. Actually they started doing this when I started shortening my days by 30 minutes a week. Do you think this could be the culprit?
I would inspect the branch for damage & check for insects/pests even check the soil also.

Very unlikely it will be a heat issue with cfls...

CFLs are not known for their light penertration which they suffer with badly with the inverse square law of light effect !

At 30cms above the plant with the cfls will be doing diddle squat i'm afraid, even if they where 1 inch above the plant top the lower branchs on the near 4 foot tall plant will be recieving piss poor lighting.

You may want to considor side lighting.
No pests and plant looks fine, there are done purple stems but not many. I have 2 65 watt cfls and 3. 55 watt cfls above the plant. I also did heavy defoliation about a month ago
Could be tricky to solve this one ?

Might be a natural cause such as die back of plant limbs which may happen to MJ but not aware of any such problems in the past regarding the matter.

On the off chance you may of picked up a plant virus or disease !

I would need good qualitie photos to view of any abnormal leafs, effected cola bearing branch, stem etc to aid diagonosis & would most certainly monitor the situation to see if it spreads !

At the moment i am thinking of wilt disease but ultimately require pic's to rule out other nastys... ASAP
Stem.collapse limp leaves and purpling stems? Sounds like potassium deficiency or lockout. Hows ur Ph what nutes are u.feeding and how often?
Ph of soil is unknown. I always water with 6.0 tap water. I'm using xnutrients bloom and bloom fx. I I usually water once a week,a gallon at a time. Last water was only one liter with 2 ml of big bud. Wish I could post pictures but I'm on my phone
Ohmmeter. Hard to say without them. I personally used veg nutes til week 6 (before I went to super soil) of flower to avoid these kinda issues. Flush her.out.next water and start her back on veg nutes see if she starts perking up. Some vitamin b will help take some of the shock off as well.
I'll pick back up on the grow and micro nutes. My plant is big and I haven't seen any nutrient burn yet even with 30ml of bloom so I may up the dosage
It's almost like the lower part of the plant is doing better then the top. Could not enough light make it do this?

Their is that chance as mention early...

CFLs are not known for their light penertration which they suffer with badly with the inverse square law of light effect !

Lets look at lux of an example CFL bulb any wattage.

At 2 inches from the plant top a lux meter may measure 32000 lux.

At 4 inches from the plant top a lux meter may measure 16000 lux.

Thats a example only !

Gets far worse the greater the distance...
If leafs are clawing downwards like some old rams horns & shows signs of dark green to very dark green leafs that may well be nitrogen toxicity problem but that would effect intire plant tho...

Very hard to tell with out pictures !

Localised wilting of a branch or two sounds supicious at best, has the problem progressed to other plants or spread further on the original plant ?
Symptoms of Wilt...

Typically, leaves at the ends of branches turn yellow, wilt and fall before the entire limb or branch dies. Often one branch or one side of the plant is affected.

A redish tint to the xylem (botany term) is a good sign of infection.
My other plant is doing great. I watered both last night with half a gallon of water with gallon strength nutrients. The plant looks 50% better now. I believe it was a ph problem.I haven't been checking my ph after I add my nutes. My water is usually around 8.0, this time I added nutes then checked my ph level....6.0 my nutes dropped my water ph by two points.
Some of my new growth isn't looking the best. All of the older leaves have gotten worse, some are curling under and twisting and then the tips start turning dark brown and dying off.
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