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LED distance questions


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hey guys i have a few lighting question about different led's

when it comes to led strips, alluminium channel bar, led bulbs and led grow panels. do they all need to be kept a certain distance from the plant or does the different light setup make for different distances. Here are a few i was looking at and was wondering if you could help me the right distance between them

1.Aluminium Channel Bar Light 12W

Technical details:

LED type: SMD5630
LED Quantity: 36 LEDs
Light Beam Angle: 160 degrees
Life span: 50 000H
Wavelength: Blue 450-465nm (12LEDs)
Red 620-635nm (16LEDs)
Operating Voltage: 12VDC
Power Consumption: 12W

2. Led full spectrum grow bulb

Technical details:

Voltage: 85-265V
Body Material: Aluminum
Power Source: AC
Light Source:LED Bulbs
For: Flower Plants,Hydroponics and Vegetables
Item: SMD 5730 led grow light
Base Type: E27
Full Spectrum:
Lumens: 2500-3200LM

So between these to led grow lights. what is the distance they need to be kept from the plant. I know the big boys like 300w and up grow panels need to be kept between 12-24". does this apply with these two lights aswell

thanks for any input


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For thoes small lights I'd do 6inchs. You'll be able to tell if it's to close not going to kill your plant.


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Okay cool, thanks for the feedback.. After calculations.. I should be able to grow a plant with one of these to choices in my grow space.. The height is 115cm.. Minus plant and container height i should be left with 25-30cm of space from top of plat to cabinet roof.. Thats roughly 10 inches of space between plant and light.. So i was thinking either 4 led bulbs or 6 led bars.. What you guys think.. Keep in mind later i will be upgrading to a grow tent of 60x80x180cm with a 600w full spectrum led panel. But that will only be in a month or two due to long shipping times from over seas.. So as a little experiment.. Is my idea a good one or should i scrap it?


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I use led panels, (2xGroHydro 300's), and I keep them at 8-12 inches for clones and seedlings then raise them to 18-20 for veg and flower....

Well after this current grow i have got going im gonna move over to a tent and a 600w led panel.. Untill then i was just wondering if i could use these leds in my much smaller confined grow space..


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Hey guys, here are some pics of my girl thats growing outside seeing as the lighting schedule is at bloom so to say all natural..


I trimmed her today which i know is not advised but i didn't want any popcorn sites so to speak.. She is getting the same feeding schedule as my indoor plant.. As you can see i should have 5-6 main cola spots..

I also did stock up on more wiring and plugs and so on for my indoor plant which i will update later tonight..

Here is to a happy grow..


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Okay some im still doing some research on lighting and so on.. I come across the following led lights and wanted to know if this will be worth while adding to the sides or even the top of my grow cabinet.

Technical details:

LED type: SMD5730
LED Quantity: 3LEDs
Light Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Life span: 50000H
Colour: RED
Operating voltage: 12Vdc
Power consumption: 1W
Size 75x12 x 0.5mm

I contacted the supplier and she said its in the 630nm red spectrum.. As for light penetration and plant distance she could not answer me.. So what you guys think?
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