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Hello, So here's my situation, closet grow space, don't know exactly what dimensions.
I was wondering, What lights do I need to grow about 3 plants?
I'm on a budget, So I really don't think I can go down the 400W HPS road.

Right now i have 2 13 watt cfl's on 2 seedlings, I assume this will only work for so long.

1st time grower, looking for some guidance.:Namaste:
Re: Lighting questions.

Get some of the 23 watt cfl 6500k bulbs, use them for veg. Switch out to some 2700k bulbs when its flowertime.

If you can afford it get a 90watt UFO for flowering. If you had 3 plants laid out in the shape of a triangle with the ufo kinda in the middle and some of your cfls on the outside you could make some good bud.
Re: Lighting questions.

It's important to know the growing space too, honestly. It's not just what light do I need for x amount of plants? It's also, how much light do I need for x amount of space, then how many plants can comfortably fit in the space.

Other then that, I think Jimmy gave you a great suggestion for budget lights.
Yeah as JJ pointed out the size of the space and what the space is (to determine humidity and heating/cooling) are also key factors in planning out your grow.

Personally I have been pretty shitty at planning my grow. I have just been flying by the seat of my pants. One day about 4 months ago I just decided to go get my medical card, then 30 minutes later I was buying clones at the clone shop, no idea what strains i should get, I just knew I wanted good buds with mostly head highs. My plan then was to just take them and toss them outside and let them grow.

Well I kinda abandoned that plan and I now have a garage full of bat guanos, molasses, limestone, worms, and like 15 other plant things. I got a tent in my bedroom with eight t5 lights and will probably get a bigger tent with some LEDs too. Infact I just got back from home depot where I went to, to specifically got a fertilizer hose attachment so I can make life easier on myself for the outdoor monsters.

The point is start now with what ya got broski. Us budget growers gotta make due with the shit we got and the shit we can salavage or get for cheap. I started my babies by putting them on a ladder step underneath my ceiling light/fan. Yeah, seriously the little normal bulbs in a ceiling fan lol. So get her done already mi amigo! You will be glad ya did.
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