Lowryder 2 x Diesel x Great White Shark - First Grow! Hello All!

Legal Hydro

New Member
Hi legal!!

Welcome to the magazine!!

Amazing people around here with awesome advice! I think you're going to fit in well here

I'll check out the journal too!

Have fun and see you around!
Thanks Pigeons420! seems as if your the only person who responds to these post huh? go you!
Nah there's actually quite a few people that take it upon themselves to greet folks.

I do it because someone did it to me when I joined here and I was hooked from there on out. So, I feel like I have an obligation to give back haha.

Hope all is well!
Cool stuff man... Yea everything is going green :)
For some reason my link at the top to my journal isn't working but the signature link is. Please let me know what you think
Just stopping in to say HI!!!
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