Making RSO with a Magicbutter Machine


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Recovering from Esophageal Cancer and surgery, I have turned to Cannabis for pain and nausea relief. I'm a 76 year old male that had surgery to remove my esophagus and stomach three years ago and have found relief with Cannabis. Not a smoker, smoking was not only difficult, but undesirable, so I explored tinctures and oils. Watching Rick Simmons make RSO, I decided to use my MBM to prepare the solvent solution of the RSO. I loaded 100 G of herb and 5 cups of Grain Alcohol and set the machine at 130 degrees for 8 hours. The results were a totally infused alcohol when filtered. I then proceeded to use the rice cooker method for evaporating the alcohol and leaving the oil. CAUTION: When evaporating off the alcohol, follow RS's safety cautions (Rick Simmons making Cannabis Oil on YOUTUBE). Also, towards the end of the rice cooker evaporation process WATCH CAREFULLY, because when the alcohol is burned off, the oil will fry in seconds and you've lost your oil. A little dab'l do ya with this oil.
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