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I see a plethora of articles about getting marijuana legalized, getting a card and finding doctors. The subject that does not get much attention is training, looks like Florida doctors are required to invest a whopping 10 hours and they're good to go. I think most people including the doctors see this legalization process as a way for us stoners to get weed in our hands.
Anyone have any insight the future of training our physicians?
Or how to find doctors that have been PROPERLY trained?


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Wow, I didn't know any doctors were required to advance their knowledge before dealing with this stuff. That's great.

Ten hours doesn't seem like much time, granted. But I'm assuming they already know how diagnose people, read patient records and medical histories, and to discern whether a person actually has a given issue or is just seeking cannabis. So, yeah, ten hours, huh? Assuming they had the IQ for a real med school instead of a diploma mill, and can read/comprehend English at a fair rate... That's doable. I mean, sure, cannabis can be useful in treating a great many ills/conditions - but each state only recognizes a scant few of them in regards to cannabis.

Much depends on what that ten hours gets spent on, though. Reading government pamphlets and listening to a politician drone? <~TS~ MAKES RUDE GESTURE> But you could get a decent handle on specific things if you're willing to look. Something like this:
...would appear to be a great source of knowledge. And there are a few others around the world. Along with the usual medical periodicals (occasionally, cannabis-related articles do get published in them).

EDIT: Sorry, the above link is to the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (at the University of California, San Diego).

There really isn't a great deal of double-blind, tested against placebos, hardcore experimental research as of yet to draw from. Some, yes - but the number, when compared to the same kind of data for most other things... would almost round to "zero." That's why specific strain/dosage information becomes problematic. It's about like head-meds for psychiatric cases, only worse (at least they've got the result of decades' worth of doctors playing "pill roulette").

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Being illegal on the Federal level and "no medical value" as still schedule I not really much for "research" as only a few places allowed to do it still. So not sure what kind of "training" they could actually get as not much is "proven" yet or least in this country, as probably only "training" they get is what conditions it is allowed for and what the required criteria is that has to be met for that, as like TS said every State different. My guess is somewhere between zero and none far as training for "treatment" of a specific disease goes, as the States don't want any part of the potential lawsuits on that one (or at this time as not enough research to have parameters set in stone), same as why many Doctors don't want any part in it as they don't want to potentially lose their license if the Feds crack down on it even though legal on the State level.
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I have and always do research medical issues myself but there are so many people that take the doctors word as gospel (been and long debate with my folks) and that's what concerns me. I just started reading "Cannabis Pharmacy" the other day which prompted my questions, only 50 pages in but it has been very informative so far.
Hello @Mattg

Nowadays properly trained doctors are hard to find. But few doctors are proficient in their work. Before considering the doctor for treatment first to check the license. Is it cannabis licensed doctor? If it is, you can consult because they have proper knowledge about cannabis and its dosage which could give patients in any disease.