Microwave firecrackers tutorial w/ pics


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hello everyone! i'm kinda hew here and i've been learning a lot of stuff so i thought i'd just give back to the community.

i read this up somewhere and tried it last night and it works!
it only takes like 5 minutes

what you need
-peanut butter! don't use jiffy cause it's not oily
-some oil


i put some peanutbutter in a bowl and mixed like a tablespoon of oil in it because i wanted to make sure it was as oily as possible


spread a good amount on both crackers and put a little bud on it


sandwhich it! :D


wrap it in some clear wrap


throw it in the microwave..
what i did was i microwaved it for 45 seconds,
took it out then microwaved it for another 30 seconds,
then another 15 seconds.
i did this so it wouldn't burn

then let it cool down and enjoy!
theres very little smell.. more like a burnt peanut butter smell.. it doesn't last long.

i only ate one.. and i can say.. i was gone after eating one..
i'm gonna try eating 3 tonight hehe :D

even better if you rip a few bong hits :roorrip:
Nice thread,Kev. I've been experimenting with this method since you posted it. I've used everything from bud stems to leaf and or/bud. It works like charm,is dead easy and unlike most quick n' dirty ways of making edibles,it tastes good.

A couple of modifications I've worked out. Go with el cheapo store brand/or all natural peanut butter. The fats aren't as emulsified/removed as in more highly processed brand name PB's. Plenty enough oil that you don't have to add extra when you're using trim or bud.

The only time I use extra oil now is when using bud stem,it seems to make for better extraction. BTW,I use a mortar and pestle to grind up the stem,a coffee grinder or blender will do the same job. Add the oil as you're grinding the stem,the final product looks something like a small amount of pesto sauce. Mix it in with the amount of peanut butter you want to use and make them per Kev's instructions.

The dosage using stems for me is about one and a half joints worth of raw chopped bud stem. It takes about 45 minutes to come on and begins to peak about an hour and half in. I can't tell you what it does after roughly two hours as it puts me down for a long nap before I get there.

With bud and trim dosage varies widely. I like about a 1/3 of a gram of mid-grade bud. With trim,about a half gram is a nice place to start.

I like this method,as it let's me use something I normally toss,stems, as the basis for my nightly med needs,in no time at all.

Thanks Kev.
what's the power setting on for the microwave? High? Medium? I just tried this and i burned my bud when the power was set on high. I still ate it and I still hope it works! But next time I'm going to try with the setting on medium.
What a great idea kev, so simple and a great presentation! and thanks to FS for running with it.

My wife is a big fan of edibles, a taste she developed in a misspent old age involving trips to Amsterdam, and she's been after me for days to make budder. Of course me being me, I need the stars to be in perfect alignment first, but this........this is genius. I might have to take the credit for it with her but amongst us we know who the smarty pants really is. Now to the store for a lengthy perusal of the cracker aisle, some things are just harder with THC.

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uhhh microwaving plastic i know is not good for you.. adds carcinogens to the food. no thanks.
uhhh microwaving plastic i know is not good for you.. adds carcinogens to the food. no thanks.

Microwaving Saran wraps supposed to be "okay" as long as it isn't in direct contact with the food.. Obviously the original poster did this.

My microwave has to much mana, I just use my oven for edibles.... I still find it odd that most people don't decarb' their cannabis.. Oh well.
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