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2012 Outdoor Grow Journal

Planning Stage
Lately I've been thinking of my plan to move to the outdoors. Due to some problems at my last residence I cannot grow until I move this summer to go to college, don't think my mom would like that too much.

10x Dr Greenthumb Iranian Autoflower (Fem)

Grow in 90 days and harvest 100-300g per plant outdoors. So my goal is 3 pounds of some nice indica smoke (on the low side).

I have two spots both are similar. Tall and medium grass surrounded by trees on all four sides. Both have a river about .25 miles away. That will be the water supply if things get dry. I can get to both places on mountain bike and make it look like a good coverup if seen by anyone.

1.5'x1.5' Holes
Pro-mix with perlite and worm castings
Mexican Bat Guano top dress for flower

I'm going to start picking out the actual area to plant the plants and go check them out again. Then off to start hauling shovels and dirt to both spots.
Sounds like a pretty good plan Im starting my first outdoor grow this year too and am doing the same thing as you...Only I used 2'x3' holes because the ground is almost 100% clay
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