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Need Help: Root Rot?

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Helping out a fellow grower on a dif forum, he just posted these pics. Water temp is 66*F and PH is stable. Seems pretty ugly and like root rot - anyone have additional insight on what this is (or isn’t)? He says thank you

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I recommended moving plant(s) to a temp PH stable container, clean the res/ lines with hydrogen peroxide (or pool shock or bleach), then dip the roots into a water/ peroxide mix and add back to res. Pretty much a brand new setup for him, seems aggressive whatever it is. I thought rot until I learned the temp.


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Hello water temp needs to be closer to 72 degrees and ph of water at 5.6-5.8 max and keep the res clean and I suspect his ppm`s are too high , send a pic of what the top of the plant looks like also .
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Here’s a pic of the plant in question. Unfortunately I don’t have much more info, was just curious if you guys thought this was root rot or something else. Sent the guy the link to this thread if he feels compelled to jump on.

I’m surprised to hear you say 72F. I keep my water at 64-65F and it works great. I’m on my first DWC grow so still new to some of the science and nuances, but I *thought* what I heard the folks at Botanicare say was once you get to 70F that’s when the binary fission of the bad bacteria really kicks into high gear. The convo was in relation to Pure Blend Pro in DWC, maybe that statement is only relevant in that context.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

First off, Growca2268, many thanks for the help in getting the inquiry started. Second, many thanks everyone else for the thought!

First grow of any sort, brand new BCNL setup, just started week three. Using the BCNL Silver nutes, on schedule order, once per week. Generally had pH at 5.8, though up or down .2. Plants above all look quite well - it's just what I see below that's causing some cencern.

I'm following Growca2268's direction with Hydrogen Peroxide now - if it results in disaster, will let you all know.

As for a root cause - any thoughts?



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70 -72 is when the water holds it's maximum amount of oxygen , and yes it is pushing the limits on bacteria growth ,hence the reason for changing the rez weekly and to maintain a balanced of nutrition for the plants as they will take what they need and leave the rest of the nutes causing a build up of the unused nutes, that plant doesn't look bad at all ,looks good just keep a eye on it but definitely change the rez weekly .those dark roots may be from the nutes coloring the roots if they are to strong . the leaves look healthy , let the water level drop in the rez so they have to grow into the water not constantly all the way into the water , good strong air pump ,lots of bubbles , just my 2 cents .


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Well that looks a lot better , but I am concerned with that air pump ,it isn't generating enough bubbling , you want almost a fine mist hitting the roots , that is only putting air in the water , this fine mist will come in contact with the roots , a constant splashing on the roots ,if you put your hands 1.5 inches above the water you should feel it hitting your hand almost a fine spray .this is the pump I use , got it on Amazon for $45.00 and it has plenty of power
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Be sure you really mix the nutes well, and add them in order they say to. Let each one sit and stir for 15min.

All that gunk is the nutes not dissolving into your water and will gunk onto the roots like u saw

Untill u get a full handle on the DWC change rezz weekly. Also I suggest getting an enzyme cleaner like hydroguard or z7, z9 in Canada and some other countries.