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Some lizard king cubies had 7 good flushes and it’s still producing 1-5 shroom:party::headbanger:
A thing of beauty, my friend
Penis envi started pins and fruiting day lids of them ha so I’m gonna be eating penis end of this week and tripping balls .heal my mind ,6mo th waiting I saved a dose for the mrs she never used I’ve been dying to eat it but knew if I did she’s want it lol I need the anxiety gone and this is a garentee I can’t wait to eat
The temps in the room they were in went kinda high and a little contaminated, normally I’d just toss it but I’m really excited to see these enigma so I tried the cut it out method to see if I can buy a little more time lol the mycelium turned super blue where I scooped it out, probably cause I sprayed some iso on the edges lol
Hitting 4g tomorow after work extra strong pe

how do you all take em ? I hate the taste makes me book I’ve don’E tablets but have to had 15 pills lol and you know one will get stuck
some I find cook with it ? I’ve always eaten them in an empty stomach
my friend makes chocate but there bloody chewwy n gross
i do lemon tek
Given golden teacher spores a run in a couple of pftek tubs,,

After about a week stored in a box under the bed ,,everything looks good for the time being
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