Next Grow Clones - Brian Berry Cough - Shiatsu Kush - G13×Fire OG


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Never started from Clone befor, so this is even new for me lol. Shockingly I take clones from every grow and give them away and never hold any for myself. Anyways same as normal for me. Gonna be growing these 3 ladies out under 800 watts. Using 5 gallon pots and a Pro Mix soiless medium. All 3 clones cam from a trusted person. There is
1 shiatsu kush

1 Brian Berry Cough

1 G13 × Fire OG

All three girls are looking a bit rough as I just transplanted them yesterday. They have received no ferts as of yet. I'll be using a mixture of AN, when the time comes.
The G13 x Fire og sounds interesting
Agreed should be interesting. She looks rough at the moment and showing some yellowing. Can't decide quite what's causing it, I personally think lack of nitrogen, but with a recent transplant from a small cup and never receiving nutes, it could be a cpl things in my mind
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