TGA - Brian Berry Cough & Hi Brix

,,,doin the truffle shuffle.

Bro...I sat there and smiled when that buzz kicked in, thinking of you 2.

"Ziggy...I used some sunflower letchin and 50/50 grass fed butter/coconut oil (I know your gonna ask) Yes I decarbed it. I cooked on low for 2 hours .."

Im not playing poker with you, Curso! :high-five:

I'm pretty crafty when I want to be bro. But I have to WANT to be....LOL

Coming attractions without pics? :rofl:
Im not 'Curso', so I could never get away with that... Just sayn' :)

They sound amazing...;)

Meh bro they're just cereal bars with ganache and some fondant. They taste really nice. But in essence that's all that they are, an idea. They get refined after this, its part of the process. That's why I have some friends around that test for me.

I smell my bulletproof coffee brewin... :circle-of-love:

I smell that too!!!
Any chance you need a sponsor? :thumb:

So I made some edibles. They taste pretty solid. I'm going to let them set up before I mess with them.

My testers. You know who you are, they're pretty strong, so eat more than 6 bites, I can promise a nap at the very least, much more at the very best ;) I think you'll dig them, I am digging the buzz. It's very OPP.
Any chance you need a sponsor? :thumb:

we'll see man. I am just getting things in place atm. :high-five:

Here's what my leds's and DocBud's HiBrix blend is doing to my plants. They're so small, to me.

But here's a TGA Brian Berry Cough. I really like this plant....

And...A true High Brix plant, made from High brix parents and grown in high brix it's entire life. This strain has never seen another method.

I can't say enough. I open my tent and smile. Yep partly because I have a shit ton of light but more so because I have some beautiful plants. These lights and this soil, man they love each other. I really like the change from big plants. I might run 7gl's for a minute.


It's complete overkill. Honestly. 2 is more than enough light. I just so happened to have an extra so I'm putting it to use. I was using it in my shorter veg tent. Really it's to much light for babies in a 4' tall tent, so I had to use it somewhere. Why not in flower....LOL

My next flower run will be with the 2 new led's. I only have 4 plants planned as of right now....Edit and maybe a dude....;)
Okay so the edibles...Man, they're a good buzz and they taste good I got all sorts of wasted on them last night, a 3x3 square had me happier than a mother fucker. BUT. They fail on a few levels. I'm not happy enough to take pics of these ones.

I will be making another batch though. I have a better grip on how to construct what I am after, because we have to fail to see the path. This is how things go from paper to reality, failure. Not a complete failure though. I narrowed down why I didn't care for the last batch of butter. I cooked it to long and it got a bit to sedative for me. I short cooked this small batch and its much more what I am after.

The grow...well its happy. Doesn't need anything today. The clones are happy, veg is happy, flower well once they warm up, they'll love me again. I left a window cracked last night and it got a bit chilly in here.

The clones still get 50% DeStress daily. I haven't checked them for roots either, I will in the next day or 2.

This soil I am using is much "fresher" than the last round. So I'll be drenching and spraying more like the directions state this round. Although I generally water 2-3 times between each drench.

The next scheduled drench is some transplant after I water one more time. That's just to keep the soil happy. I'll use energy 1 maybe 2 more times before I get to cat-drench.

Anyways enough of my baked ass ramblings. I sat here and hit my vape for like 45 minutes.....:volcano-smiley:
Ha! A fair warning, I can put down some edibles. I'm not really a sweet guy but those truffles looked great. :drool:
Plants look nice and happy man!

Thanks man!!! The truffles are a fan favorite. I really like enjoy making them because I know how much the people I make them for enjoy them. Personally, I am sick of chocolate...LOL We'll see what happens.

I do have some new friends I've been sorting....they're pretty
Well, I checked in on the baby tent and this is what I found.

I figured it was pic worthy, that is welcoming a new strain to the world, that is a Laniakea :high-five: Yep I am pretty stoked!!! No joke, I am looking forward to seeing what a sativa dom opp cross will taste like. Hopefully we'll find out.

But there it is...Welcome to the world Laniakea...I hope it lives up to its expectations.

Thanks guys!!! I am pretty stoked, even if only one comes up. I still have the first of it to pop, to me, that's all that matters.

I got more Transplant and Energy yesterday (thanks Doc!!!) so I gave them some Transplant. I've been out for a minute, the soil needed it. They haven't had it since I moved them. So now the pots are nice and thoroughly moist and really ready to bang out flowers. I'll brix them tomorrow and everything is right on track.

Its weekly maintenance day, water tub gets cleaned, tent floors, flower tent walls, lights all that kind of good shit. While I have plants out I'll take what I don't like off the veg plants. Mostly bigger leaf and top that needs to be controlled.

I took some OPP to my buddies last night. I think it was his first time smoking it....He was like "god damn that tastes good, wtf is this" That's better than putting a plate of food in front of someone and seeing them smile as the scents catch up to what their eyes see.

Truffles are on today's menu....I'll take pics of
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