Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang

Sneaky's Brian Berry Cough & Gang

Can't wait! I'd have photos but the last 6 wouldn't upload not even the cropped ones. I see limit is still annoying sigh.

Did some work on my journal. My Brian berry cough looks like a dud. My agent orange and alchemy are flying though we could trade at the end lol I'm going for 10lb+.

Cheers big ears.

Hope all is well in your world.

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Dinafem kush n cheese feminised which is looking real tall and lanky long node distances.


Dinafem critical cheese which has reveged with a lot of branching but still manageable
I have been dealing with spider mites on these two plants aswell but only these two strangely enough


This here is one of the TGA brian berry cough I have two different phenos this one being a shorter much tighter plant still quite branchy I topped her 2 days ago

and this here my favourite Brian berry cough big fan leaves thick stems nice branching and the biggest plant out of the lot
This is the only plant in a fab pot 50L
Also when this one flowed it had pink pistils which was a bit different
All still in coco and perlite getting canna nutes and cal mag

Unfortunately these girls were all left inside for a while without me to attend to them and flowered but they have made a full reveg recovery.
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