Next Grow Clones - Brian Berry Cough - Shiatsu Kush - G13×Fire OG

Dont use that one yet, i have big bud i use
I use a bunch of there stuff to be honest.
Use both there 2 part veg and bloom a and b, big bud, voodoo juice, bud candy and lastly overdrive. Overdrive was suggested to me by a bunch of old timers who swear by it. I won't lie its pretty awesome stuff.
I find myself trying more and more AN products with no complaints
July 6th
Been a pretty good couple of days here. I decided I would try out some new pots for these 3 ladies. I purchased five 7 gallon pots ( deal was for 5 ) to try out. They are material pots instead of the normal plastic that I use. Should be interesting

Next the girls are thriving and exploding with growth. I aimed to FIM all three girls and so far so good. Each little ladie has put on some good size over the last 2 days.
Shiatsu kush 14.5"

G13 × Fire OG 12"

Brian Berry Cough14"

All three girls were showing a little heat stress as they had started to grow to close to the light. The light is back to being around 10 inches away.
Also I was planning on waiting about another week to transplant all 5 ladies, but may transplant this weekend after checking the bottom of there pots.
Shiatsu kush

G13 × Fire Og

Brian Berry Cough

All are showing incredible root growth.
Last pictures will be a size comparison once again to a 500mL water bottle
Roots start growing through the fabric and when their exposed to air and light they die at the tips. They never become root bound and circle the pot. They will produce more fine hair like roots instead.
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