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Nirvana Bubblelicious


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Strain Name - Bubblelicious

From - Nirvana

Type - Predominantly Indica

Appearance - Solid Buds, Tight and full of red/pink hairs

Smell - Skunky, Piney, a tad bit sweet

Taste - Tastes piney with a skunk like aftertaste.

Type of Buzz - Stoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)

Length of Buzz - 2-3 Hours

Best Medicinal Use - Insomnia, appetite enhancement, pain relief, anti-anxiety.

Not being a daily smoker, I find two pipe hits is perfect with a relaxing high. Great for watching tv. 3 hits and it's like drinking nyquil from the bottle. I can't stay awake past 30 minutes.

It has a creeper effect where the high really turns on after 10 - 15 minutes, So be careful. This is a pretty powerful high from such a small amount.

The taste goes in smooth with a pine like taste, exhale turns into a sweet skunky after taste. It was a pretty hearty plant to grow from seed, will take nutes like a champ. Grows about 36" after 30 days of veg using LED lights, Produced 1.7 oz for me.




From Nirvana's site:
White Strain Yes
Medical Use Yes
Effect Stoned (Body Buzz, Relaxing Effect)
Flowering Period 8 - 10 weeks
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
Flavor Sweet, Smooth
Plant Height Short
Cultivation Indoor
Plant Type Predominantly Indica

Fuzzy Duck

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I can't stay awake past 30 minutes.

This was one of my first strains grown & the above comment i found to be spot on with my own experience :thumb:

Great for insomnia :green_heart:


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Nice pic's!! I am doing a Bubblelicious grow right now and I am looking forward to some tasty buds.

I just started a couple Bubblelisious, myself, Bangabong. How did you make out with yours? I'm growing in coc and perlight and using LEDs for lighting. Just wondering if you encountered anything I should keep an eye out for.....

Thanks, Andy.:Namaste::high-five:


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I am almost through with a second grow on Nirvana Bubblelicious Auto's. These like the last ones I did were slow to start, but did very well once they started, and remained short and very aromatic. The buds are thick and very icy. The first ones I grew had a very pleasant and distinctive flavor on the inhale and exhale. The initial high was very good, and it does tend to creep into and super relaxed and stony high. How did yours turn out McCdive?


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the first pic, looks like very cupped leaves. and, i have found, this is too much fert, or, a ph thing. a good flush, should take care of this, in the future. i have done several of nirvanas gear. the most potent, being aurora indica. best yielding, being blackberrie. tasteing...ice. nice plant you have there. looks like a good yielder. i use four gallon pots, and soiless. i usually get 2-3 oz per plant.
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