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It's been a while since I posted in here, but I've decided it's time.:love:
I am not the best with computers and sorting pics out is quite a bitch for me, so I took a break.

This grow will be a whole bunch of 'firsts' for me. First larger grow. First attempt at a SCROG setup. First tent setup.
The preparation for this has taken me months of planing, work and money to get to the part we start to have fun. Sparing you the details, it included completely wiring, cleaning and painting a century old barn. Lots of cool shit was found in that attic, but that's a story for another time.

All these seeds are Female seeds. No guess work. Call me paranoid. lol

The lighting is a mix up of all kinds of things. I'll point them out in a minute.
I have decided to set up two tents and do a coco/perlite grow.
5 gallon Smart Pots
About a 65/35 mix c/p
Tent 1. 4'X8'X74"
Tent 2. 30"X60"X74"
2 - 16" / 6" carbon filters
1 - 8" S&P TD-200 exhaust fan

For the nutes, I have an RO system set up to two 55 gallon drums that I both store and mix nutes in and can do the feeding via gravity. Sweet!! Lol.:thumb:
I'm using General Hydroponics - Flora Nova line of Veg and Grow as a base.

The accompaniments:
GH CALiMAGic 1-0-0 calcium and magnesium additive
General Organics Bio Root 1-1-1 root booster
SNS 209 periodically for pest control (rosemary extract 10% - rosemary oil .23% . Works well for me!)
Advanced Nutrients - Bud Candy
And other odds and ends, as needed.

This is set in a barn attic (not the ideal spot, but we do what we have to do.) and I'm able to control the heat to a certain degree, but have no way to "cool" the air. I'm at the mercy of what ever out door temps are.
Tent 1 is hosting
3 Barney's Farms LSD girls (LSD)
2 Nirvana Bubblelicious girls (BBL)
2 Greenhouse Seeds Super Silver Haze girls (SSH)
2 Nirvana Super CBD Durban 1-1 8% (SCD)
Sitting in two 40X40X8 pans
left side has 1 600wt Mars Hydro Reflector Series V/B LED
center has a custom Mars 1200wt bloom only light
right side has 4 - 150wt Platinum LED V/B lights ( hey, it's what I had! I may add another Platinum LED 300wt later if needed)

Tent 2 has
2 Dr. Kripling's Incredible Bulk (IB)
1 Nirvana's Super BD Durban (SCD)
sitting in a 24X48X8 pan
Lighting is a Mars Hydro Reflector Series 720wt LED V/B light (love it so far)
This tent has a 30X50 scrog setup in it with 4" squares roughly 12" off the coco.


I'm not really sure how to go about starting this journal. I put seeds in the water July 4th, so at this point I'm at 43 days into this project. I suppose I'll just say that Up till this point, I've had very few issues with getting going. I was less than pleased with the Nirvana SCD seeds. 3 for 5 seeds is a falier in my book. It's a new strain and they tell me there haven't been any issues that they know of. I don't know.... Antway, to their credit, they did give me a discount that I have already put to use on the purchase of another 1-1 CBD/THC strain! :thumb:
Had 1 SSH fail, but that was purely my fault.
I brought home ONE (1) lousy seed from Tobago when I was there, but it never popped. Bummed me right the fuck out.:rip:
So I'll toss out some pics and some blurbs and ask if you have any questions........


A Pinaple Chunk I have going that I burned (too much calimagic? Dunno) a week or so ago.... Platinum LED 300wt V/B light

Some of the SCD that gave me troubles

Okay, at this point it's taken me over 5 hours of uploading to get to here. I'm done. The following is some room setup - some seed starting - and current pics will be at the end. Sorry for the garbled up mess, but I'm tossing in the neatness towel for now.



Still want to tag along after that? I promise not to do that again.
There're all sorts of little things not mentioned, so fire away if you like.

I would start here by saying I'm in week 2 of veg on most of the girls now, and we'll just take it from here.:thumb::thanks::welcome::welcome:

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A little of the room going together.



Now that you're ompletely lost on this post....... hahhahahaha.

:Namaste: , people, Andy.
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Transplanted the last two SCD into 5 gallon pots tonight. Been doing some aggressive LST on the other 9. One girl needs a little more time to catch up.
The last two SCD girls and the small SSH are a result of some failed seeds at the start of this grow. Soooo, they are a couple weeks behind. Not sure what I'm going to do when they all flower out of any sync. lol

A little LST

The Nirvana SCD girls have really weak stems on them. I had to put a couple pieces of tubing around them to keep them from falling over. Thier older sister started the same way but has bulked up in the last couple weeks.


I'm not crazy about the dirt factor to this attic, but I'm getting scrap carpet pieces and will slowly get this place cleaned up and less dusty. Not to mention quieter.


I'm feeding the girls @ 1100 TDS except for the two youngsters. I've brought them up to 800 TDS and soon they'll be up to speed. I'm excited to do this scrog grow, my first, because the IB seeds claim an insane 5x yield in SOG than any other out there. (or something to that effect) I watched a couple vids PakkaNova put up on his 2# + scrog grow and want the same crazy results. :thumb: haha haha

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I've lost 2 inches today!!

I've found the source of the mystery holes in a few leaves. Inch worms. So far I've only found and killed two. I don't know if it will help or not, but I started SNS209 on the feeding two days ago. It claims great things (and works) for mites and such, but doesn't say anything about worms.
For those of you that are wondering :Here's what SNS is

Here are the two little basterds I found last night and tonight:

All the girls are looking really healthy so far, with the exception of the few holes. The stems on the SCD's have bulked up nicely and I fimed them tonight. Another 4-5 days and I'll start some light LST on them. Brought the last SSH up to speed with the nutes yesterday. I'm now veging 10/12 girls @ 1200 TDS. Including BioRoot, Calimag+, SNS209 and GH FloraNova (veg.). Temps have been fairly cool so the rooms are running between 73f and 83f. The cooling and venting system I put in is working like a dream. One sensor turns the attic fan on and off according to how it gets and the same for the tents. It's nice that at night when it's cool out, the 8" fan will shut off and keep the rooms @ a min of 72-73f.

Anyway, a couple pics of the girls, the LSDs, to be specific. They are growing some wild-ass leaves.Kinda scrunched up and loads of individual leaves. Counted 10 on one leaf.

And the whole group. The tent with three are 2 IB and 1 SCD in the middle.
The others are spread all over the tent.

So that's about it for the night. If anyone can tell me how the hell I can get this journal to post in my signature, please tell me!! I'd love to generate some foot traffic this way!!
A quick note on Henryetta, she's chugging along. She'll never bounce back from that nute burn, but she's still pushing trics, so I'm keeping her well fed. 1300 TDS for her. Including Bud Candy, KoolBloom, SNS209, BioRoot, CaLimag+ and GH FloraNova (bloom)
Room temps there have been a reasonable 75-80f

Peace, people. :Namaste: Andy.
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8/24/15 :party: Happy Birthday to me!
Been doing a bit more LST on a few of the girls tonight.
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I really like your grow space, and it looks like you did a lot of thinking, planning, engineering, and just plan old hard work. Really like your seed selection. I will be interested in seeing how it comes out!
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Hiya Bangabong! Welcome. I was just screwing around trying to figure out how to put this journal in my signatures. Not perfect, but it'll do. ( Thanks Cannafan. Did the trick)
Thanks, Bb. it's been an unbelievable amount of work. This room was supposed to go in a different barn that would have been cooler and on the first floor, but I had a partial roof collapse over the winter and haven't had time to fix it yet, so here we are. You couldn't even get up the stairs to this barn attic when I decided to use it. Lots of trips to the dump later......
It does work fairly well. Better that I had hoped. The attic has a door to the outside at one end and I put a louvered fan at the other end that comes on at 85f and off at 80f. works like a charm. The problem is I have no way at all to cool the air so what ever mother nature is cranking out is what I have to deal with. The barn is also fairly well shaded so it helps there and it has a double roof on it with an air gap in between to fight back the heat from the sun. It works..... I'm kinda paranoid about the heat so I have a 4 channel thermostat that keeps me posted on the two tents, the ceiling (peak) temp, and room temp at waist high. I also bought a WiFi camera that can be operated from my smart phone so I can keep an eye on the rooms and can pan to the thermostat and check temps. Comes in handy when you're out late and you're worrying about the girls at home. Really fucking cool! lol
Anyway, glad to have you aboard, Bb.

Feeding as usual. full strength on ten. Up to 900 TDS on the last two SCD. Those Mars Hydro Reflector series lights are a really nice light for the money, but I gotta say, the growth on the 4 girls under the combined 600 watts of Platinum LED lights is notable. The 3 girls that were lagging behind in growth due to a later start, are definitely catching up with the rest of the crowd. I do love me some Platinum LED lights, for sure. I have a Pineapple Chunk about 4 weeks away from harvest and she has been flowering on a single 300wt Platinum light (since July 4th) and is quite happy. would have liked a few more watts on here, but it just wasn't in the budget.
I have a single 720wt Mars in tent 2 now and I'm going to pick up another one. 700 watts isn't getting it, as far as I'm concerned. Wouldn't mind seeing what 1440 watts in a 30X60 tent can do. A bit better than 720, I'm betting.

So. Tent 1:
Left side
Back2 and middle are LSD (I changed that since taking this pic). The front 2 are SSH.

Tent 1:
Right side
Back 2 (left-ish) are Nirvana BBL. The front 2 (right-ish) are Nirvana SCD.

Tent 2:
left to right - Barney's IB, SCD and IB again.
Before tonight's LST

After LST tonight

Won't be long and I'll be filling in some squares. This is really exciting to watch. I've seen hundreds of hours of vids on Youtube on all sorts of grows, but it's so special when you try something new for yourself.
Sorry, this isn't intended to be a personal journal, it just kinda ends up that way sometimes.

Well, thanks for anyone watching. Tune again same time next week for another chapter of "The Plumber And The Money Pitt".
:tokin::adore: Peace, Andy.
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Re: Dr Kripling Incredible Bulk-Barney's LSD-Nirvana Bubblicious-Nirvana Super CBD Du

Whew, what a ride! :)

You are putting so much into the growing and not enough into the grow space. You should be insulating that roof and covering it with a moisture barrier like thin plastic at least but Panda Film would be better. Same with walls and floor. No carpet anywhere. Magnets for spores, fungi and bugs of all sorts. Get the space as sealed as you can. Filtered air coming in. Clean clothes especially socks and shoes if you've be outside on the lawn or in the garden. A couple of mites on your socks and a week later you're in the crapper trying to stop the bastards in your room full of 5 week flowering plants.

The only unfiltered air that gets in my room is when I open the door to go in. Inside shoes only that I never wear outside. No plants from outside go in there and no pets! Damn cat is always sneaking down there.

If it's all insulated and close to dust free you have way more control and way less problems. Control the heat with cheap climate control on your exhaust that runs the fan when the RH or heat hit pre-set units and speed control on the fans to be able to empty the air in your space fast or at a slower steady rate to have lots of fresh CO2 coming in.


You got a big investment already and it would suck to lose anything to pests or so many other problems.

I'm pretty sure those inch worms are of the caterpillar family and Safer's makes a Biological Insecticide called BTK that we use for those little worms that get in the broccoli and cauliflower. Damn little white moths lay the eggs on the heads. If there are only a few you should be able to take care of them by hand tho.

Best of luck with your growing! :passitleft:


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Thanks, OMU. I love feedback!
This grow is in the attic of an old barn and is still very much in use as storage. To make this a dust - pest free environment is simply out of the question. Insurmountable obstacles abound.
For air transfer, I have an 8" S&P fan running most of the time. (shuts off @ around 68f)
The rest you mention, besides pets, is almost out of my control at this time.
I think I got the two solo worms out. Not really sure yet, but haven't seen any new damage the last couple days.
PLEASE STAY TUNED AND CHEW MY ASS OUT WHEN YOU SEE A TRAIN WRECK COMING! Don't wait to say "I told you so" later. lolol

Glad to have you on board, M8.
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Good to see you in here, bud.

So here's today's update.
Made a new batch of nutes and backed TDS down to 1100. Was up to about 1250 and the two young SCD's showed a slight curl on the leaf tips. Dropped her back a bit.
Last night I flushed all the girls for no real reason. Just thought, why not. I can see this grow is going to go much longer than I wanted and I was a month behind to begin with!
All in all, I'm really happy with the growth so far, despite the 3 seeds that set me back a couple of weeks. I have got to give Platinum LED lights a huge High Five on their products. I have 1 Mars Hydro reflector series 600wt light over 5 girls on the left side of tent 1, and 4 Platinum LED P-150wt lights over 4 girls. 2 of them are the late SCDs and they are catching up to the rest of the girls at an incredible rate! In one 24 hour period, the SCD are close to 3 inches (yesterday). Blowing that Mars light out of the water.




Unfortunately, I just don't have the $$$ to gear up with more Platinum equipment. That day is going to come, though. I'll limp along with what I have. When Henryetta is done in a couple weeks, I'll add another Platinum P-300wt to aid the Mars along.
In tent 2, the girls are coming along nicely. (pics are from last night. Didn't take any of them tonight)


There are a few tops poking through the scrog net and I did some LSTing and defol. (defoled the big tent also) I did a pretty good check on all the leafs I trimmed and used a magnifying glass on them to check for eggs. Found nothing and hope it stays that way. This new batch of nutes has SNS in it also. After this batch, I'll switch to every other week I'll give them a dose.
Although I'm not too crazy about the cheaper Mars line, I ordered another 720wt - reflector series light to add to tent 2. Sooooo.... 2X720's in there. This should be interesting with the scrog. The light should be here the 28th.

Okay. there is one little problem that is bothering me. I have 2 Nirvana Bubblelicious girls on the right in tent 2. Started the two at the same time. Have had them side by side all their lives. On one girl, I estimate about 30% of her leafs are all wrinkled up. they are like that at the fans and nodes.

Sorry about the shitty color, I didn't have my white light with me tonight.
The affected girl is on the front left and her sister on the front right. (2-SCD in the back)

Her sister next to her is not affected at all. It doesn't seem like it's slowing her growth, altho it should, considering the leaf formation. Any ideas out there about this??

That's enough for me for the night. Thanks for any advice!!

:high-five::circle-of-love::Namaste: Andy.
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Okay. I'm a bit faded-----in a haze
:yummy::lot-o-toke: , but I'll give it a shot. Not much new, feeding - lights - temps all good. Everyone got a good gallon and a half, or more.
I still have that weird leaf problem going on with the BBL, but the damn thing is blowing her sister away! I switched places with the two of them to make better use of the light between them. I did the same to the SCDs last night too. This is really weird; the two Durbans were so weak and long-stemed/stalked, that I had to brace them up with tubing or they would fall over. Now,the bottom of the stalks are strong and solid, while 4 inches up, they baloon into the size of a double A battery! Odd. So in that 4X4 pan I have 3 oddballs.
A few shots just befor lights on. And a few after....


And so a few more of the BBL whackos

Okay. I'm way too baked to try to edit this. no cloo where I went south.

Maybe tomorrow I'll see things clearer. Altho, This it a direct testiment to what I have learened, here, im my 420MAG fellow growers! my 2nd generation Pinapple Chunk, grown indoors by yours truley, has got me flatlined.
:jawdropper::allgood::surrender::snooze: .

Re: Dr Kripling Incredible Bulk-Barney's LSD-Nirvana Bubblicious-Nirvana Super CBD Du

That leaf action is pretty bizarre. Looks like flesh eating disease for leaves. Are the growing tips affected more and dark green with the very new stuff discoloured?

I'm thinking it's a disease of some sort rather than a deficiency of any kind. Especially as her sister isn't affected and eating the same stuff I assume. I'd be inclined to remove all the badly damaged parts and maybe hit her with a fungicide like Safer's.

Lots going on in there. :thumb:

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Do you think it would hurt to leave it be, OMU? It doesn't seem to be spreading or getting worse. Hate to do all that chopping on her this late into veg.
Mixed another batch of nutes tonight. Bumped the CaliMag up to 1.5 tsp./gal. from 1/gal. Gonna see if that helps the BBL any. That should work out to about 5ml/gal. I'll keep a close eye on the girls for the next day, or so, to make sure they can take that Cal increase. This is the last batch using the Flora Nova Veg. In fact, I'm not going to use it at all from now on. Seems everyone uses Bloom from the get-go, with varying strengths to start out with. So the last batch of Veg. TDS is at 1170 now. Very happy with that number. I don't think I mentioned it, but I mix up about 50 gallons every 3 days. I have a pump oxygenating both the RO water (with calimag) and the Mixed nute side. I think it helps keep the nutes from settling out, although I do stir the drum before I feed with the hose.

I'm fairly happy with the grows so for, but bummed about the 3 girls that are holding me back from flipping the lights. I got a little brutal with one LSD that just keeps insisting on reaching for the stars! I LSTed the LSD! I SHOWED HER.... Bent her in a horseshoe. lol


Front row- The SCDs
Rear- The BBLs right is the weirdo

Right front- weirdo BBL

Nothing noteworthy in tent 2. Their fed and happy. I'm jonesing for that light!!! This tent is going to veg quite a while longer than the first. I can see that already. Bet I'm putting a furnace up here before this grow is done.... Grrr lol.
Here's what I've learned so far about the strains I'm working with as far as training goes; the SSH and LSD are very easy to train. LST has been a snap........without any snaps.
:smokin::laugh: The two SCDs in tent 1 are no way trainable! Their stalks are so thick, they have a texture of okra, well the look. The 1 SCD in the scrog is the older of the 3 and I started training her early on. These 2 were so scrawny, that I couldn't do it with them.


Right now I'm basically waiting on the one SCD and the one SSH to bush up a bit more and then I'll flip them. I'd like to see them all close to 16-18 inches average canopy.
Last, A big shout out for General Organics- Bio Root. I'm bummed I didn't go with 7 gal Smart Pots, now. Every one of my girls are crawling roots out the sides. Some up as high as 3-4 inches from the bottom, Here's a shot of the SCDs showing me her guts.


That's all I have in me for the night. It's 3 am and I have to be up in 4.5 hours to help build a barn. Sigh.

Thanks for stopping by. Y'all come, now. Hear?
Andy. :peace:
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I like to take the damaged stuff off to stop/slow the spread of whatever it is and so I can more easily see more easily if it's still going on.

Take a couple pics of some of the bad areas and then new ones a couple days later of the same spots so you can maybe see if it's getting worse for sure. Really hard to tell when you're seeing it often.

4am now and I have to get up . . . when I wake up . . . and drink coffee for the rest of the day. :;):

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Welcome aboard, lexblaze. I was just staring at the girls and wondering the same thing. Of the 4 strains, that's the one I'm most interested in. I'm searching for a good CBD strain for edibles. I have another higher CBD strain from Nirvana coming, but I can't remember the name, at the moment. (since this is usually the last thing I do before crashing, you usually get the Medicated me. :)

But just the completely different way they have grown in scrog vs. free style. I can't do anything with the ones in tent 1. They shot up so fast, I didn't have time to train them! lol, But the overall difference in the two different grows is going to be interesting.

All the girls came through with no problems with the added CaLiMag and TDS @ 1170.
No pics tonight. It's 2 am and I don't wanna.

Peace, Andy.
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Huh. A post disappeared.
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