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Photo Updates in Grow Journals

How often should a grower post pictures of their grow?

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I think it's nice at least once a week. Sometimes life happens, though. So, whenever people can get to it. Really, I think the journals should be as much for the person journaling, so... whatever helps them most. I love tagging along in other peoples journals but I kinda see it as it's still their journal - so whatever floats their boat.

Sometimes I get into taking pictures and I update a lot, and sometimes life gets busy, and not as much.

For newer growers, though, I think more pictures is only going to help them as they learn. (Easier for people to help them succeed).


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Mine all depends on time, what stage of growth the garden is in, and how relevant the pic can be for future reference for me.
I dont shoot seedlings and small plants very often unless I'm experimenting and need to document the results.
When my plants are stacking the buds it makes for a great show and I like to post weekly pics.
I also like to shoot clones because I can reference the date on the pic/post to have an idea of when to expect them ready for transplant.
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