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Plant Abuse Chart


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Hello & Welcome!
new shoots only need gental light, ie a 2 tubr Florscent grow light, I use a 2 tube 25 watt t5 bulb for teh 1st couple weeks , or more.

the veg cycle requires an 18 hour ON , 6 off with a Metal halid bulb. the Sodium bulb is for the bloom cycle & is 12 on 12 off.
as adding Nutes, as soon as you get 2-3 nodes of shoots , and a root system you can start to add nutrients.
start weak solution & watch leaf tips for ram horn curling ,1st indicatin=on of over fertlization, & tips crisp & browning is a more advanced state. cut back nitrogen & watch for a couple of weeks. next nodes should grow in & NOT be rams headed or browned out.
booked are full of info, but mostly You will learn thru trial & error.
look into the Lucas formule, I like & Use teh 2 part one based on General Hydrondics Bloom & Micro .


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for seedlings, you can start feeding anytime after you see a "real" leaf. The little cotyledons can provide energy to get the plant started, but as soon as there are roots and real leaves, you can feed. Start weaker than you think and increase slower than you think. It's easier to add more of stuff than to remove it.

The white on the babies was because you had them in the dark. Give them no less then 18 hours of light per 24 hours. You can do 24/7 if you want. I tend to veg my moms in 24/7, so that's what my cuttings get. When I am doing actual veg growth leading up to flowering, I use 18/6 and taper to 12/12.

Good luck!


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~ I was just looking at these pictures and noticed the leaf tips that were brown and the fading of the colors...it makes me think that when watering, is regular tap water being used? because how chlorine will burn the tips like that. And not sure of nutrient lock out, so much as a PH issue with the plant. Reason being, I don't really see any stress on her in the picture... just my thoughts :Namaste:


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~ when growing in soil... inoculate with beneficials, and don't overfeed or water and watch the PH...recipe for success ~
This Hawaiian lady here is only 17 day's out of the seed.


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I have 1 CJH and 1 Sour in flower 30 days and starting to show white edges on a couple of leaves. Can anyone give advise?


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Hi Mangosnapper: I am using distilled water only. Now my real healthy shoot, the Akorn strain is now getting a spot or two. I'm sick. I have moved them to four inches below the lights and the moon dust nutes I am adding in the tiniest dose. Maybe 1/16th or less to gallon of distilled water. The roots are unbelievably huge and floating most happilly. The leaves however are really stressing. I will try and get more current pictures today. I have to wait for cleaning lady to leave.


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it looks like over fertlization coupled with hi tempature.
move light further away & clear water flush a few gallons, let selttle a few days, then 1/2 the nutes till new node are commin in nicely.

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I need some help with my seeds. Well, they are not seeds anymore. I planted some quorkel and space bomb about 3.5 months ago. They are still just at a foot tall. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I did choke them with the soil( I made mud) I have replanted them into fresh soil. With out making it mud. I have added C0 2 to my tent. (in the bag type) Things got a lot greener so, that made me happy. But they are not growing. My PH is sitting good 6.8 on one and 6.4, 6.6, 6.2 and 6.7. Yesterday, I used Hygrozyme on them. I was told that it would help eat away any ugly roots that may have happened when I smothered them with mud. I purchased Mykos mycrrhizal and was wondering if that could be placed on top of the soil and watered down or do I have to wait until I transplant to use it? I just don't understand what in the heck I am doing wrong!!! My lights are good and I am still getting spots on my plants as if they have nutrient deficiency. They are in new Foxfarm soil. I got them out of the old soil about three weeks ago but I did not have the Mykos then.Thank you I did find this post very helpful. Am I expecting to much to soon? Last night the temp was down to 4 degrees and my tent temp was 55 degrees. I turned up the heat and it is back up to 70 with 30% humidity.


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ok if some one is going to help PLEASE be specific label and take CLEAR not fuzzy blurry pics .........sad


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what about white spots on top of a leaf?...I mean it will come off with some water, but should I be worried...I also have a leaf on a separate plant with the center finger of the leaf that looks all burnt. But all the others are fine.


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One more thing tho, take a look a my baby Amnesia, the right leaf seems to be a bit hurt :( I've been exposing her to light 24/24 but I recently learned pushing it beyond 20h a day doesn't yield more growth so I'm cutting down to 20.
The humidity is 40/50%, I have a humidifier in there but it's not doing much sadly. Temp is 27~31 and I keep the light about 120cm away from the top of the plant (47 inch). Any advices?


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Hey Guys...need some help. I have two Querkles ( Space Queen pheno) 4 weeks into flower under two 200 wt CLW LEDs. Some of the fan leaves look like they have white paint overspray...it is not concentrated on a specific location on the leaves and Not all leaves are affected. The plants look healthy over all. They are in super soil, TGAs recipe and get water ph'd to 6.5. I have two other strains in as well and they seem unaffected. Temps are ranging from 85-90 ( working on that). These two were closest to a fan...I moved them further away this morning...first noticed the issue today. I have not seen this before...any ideas?


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Re: Plant Abuse Chart_Cal/mag

Hello MS,
sorry for delay.
been offline abit.
I would say add some every so often, weeks or months. for SURE when a tinge of Purple stems is seen. its cal/Mag is proabaly the supplement I go thru the most.
Iuse Lucas 2 part formula MGen Hydro;\'s Flora Micro & Flora Bloom & Subculture B. this is PH Stable as a Rock, in Reverse Osmossis water.
Soil, not able to say, natural dirt a little, early on would most likely be good.
your bagged store bought, about the same. bagged is marked with additives.

Hey Slag...when would you suggest using more Cal/Mag supplement? Is there any set time, or do you just watch for signs showing you the plant needs it? And would you say it's the same for Hydro and Soil grows? Thanks Bro... Happy Growing :ganjamon:
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