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Hey, wonder if you guys could help, I have an unhealthy plant. dont know if its wind burn or root problems or what.
will attach some photos.
strain Blackberry Kush auto
light was perfectsun 1000 is now perfect sun COB
temps between 20 - 24 C
medium COCO
PH 58
WAter temp arround 18-20 hand fed
Advanced nutriens Jungle Juice + Cal mag + b52
what else should i say ?
i have a portable AC and the one in the pictures had the AC blowing on it for a few weeks while she saw very small.
I have blocked the AC stream going directly on it and waiting for it to bounce back.
I also have e yellow one that has gotten a little more calmag hoping to also bounce back.
pictures, thanks



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Get some calmag. 1 tsp per gallon of water.

That works if the plant is deficient in BOTH calcium AND magnesium. Adding both elements, if there is already an abundance of one of them, can further screw up the (*important*) calcium:magnesium ratio. Which can lead to other nutrient issues, IIRC.


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Fantastic post , I've seen alot of info exactly like this but they are always drawings or illustrations which never clearly show what the problem is as well as the photographs you used along with such detailed info of symptoms


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Fantastic tutorial & photos!


Can anyone help here what’s going on with my plants? I’m using miracle grow potting soil and granular fertilizer for now till I can get to the city. My cheap 3 way tester is saying my ph is over 7.


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