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Plants growing too big, help


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Hello Buddhamel here. I have a question, I have four plants of northern lights special growing in seven gallons smart pots. Using advance Nurtients and 600 watts hps in a 4x4x7 tent. a couple of my plants have grew past my light and reflector. Do I cut down the tops of my plants. Which is into the 3rd week of blooming. Or do I leave them be. I veg the plants close to three weeks before I transplant into the seven gallons smart pots.


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Re: Plants growing too big, help.

If your light is as high as it can go, you have several options. You can try to LST (Light Stress Train) your plant in a way by tying it off in order to bend the tops back under the lights. You can top your plant ~12 inches under your light. You can supercrop in a way by pinching your main stem and folding the tops over 90 degrees.
Lastly, probly the best option, pull them out of your tent and finish outside, or re-rig up your lights and ballast and finish them in another area outside of your tent with enough head space, keep in mind they shouldnt stretch much more if at all in the 3rd week of bloom.
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