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Hi again 420mag,

Following my highly followed and commented grow journal (lol *crickets*) I'm sharing my other new project.

I always wanted to have a bit more than my 2x4 closet tent, especiallly since I can legally have 4 plants now. However living in a small downtown appartment brings its lot of challenges, so I am trying to see what's possible to do with two 16x16 tents and a bunch of lamps I have lying around.

On ~Nov 12 I popped 2 old seeds I had for a while. a Purple Flower and Shishkaberry. They grew for a few weeks in small cups, (probably too long according to their roots) and transferred in 1gal fabric pots. They both fit in a single 16x16 tent for now, under 2x 35W cheap-ish LED grow lights.

Dec. 19th I finally moved 1 of them to a 3gal, LST'd a bit. Trying for an even 6-pointed "star". When they recover 4 to 5 days from now I will switch 12/12, because the tents are only 4 feet high.

Strains: Flower Power & Shishkaberry
Tents: 16"x16"x48" (x2)
Medium: Coco
Pot sizes: 3gal (target)
Lights: 2x35W LED in one tent, a 65W LED in the other. Waiting for a 65W Quantum Board
Nutrients: Canna A+B, Calmag, Cannazym, H+G Roots excelurator
Odor control: None. Let's see how it turns out
Exhaust fan: Low-speed 120mm (51CFM) radial

Seeds planted on Nov 12, switch to flowering expected ~Dec. 25

I did not receive my timer or lights in time, so the plants grew and grew and I could not start the flowering period.

This project is therefore a failure / abandoned, unfortunately. 16x16 is really small and you just can't let them veg long enough. I did not take pictures of the LST job I was so proud of, unfortunately.

The plants have been moved to a 2x4 tent with my old MarsHydro Reflector 144. They will stay in 3gal pot at this point... Next time I'll make sure to have all the equipment ready before starting.
Thanks for the positive vibe :)

I think it was too late for super cropping at this point, and I still haven't received all the equipment.
Stuck in customs or something.


So yea although the experiment itself was a failure I'll keep this journal for what hapens next with the plants. I'm positive I'll still get a few ounces out of them. It's my first time growing Power Flower but I've grown a few Shishkaberry before and really liked the taste. Of course, i *also* had problem with the tent so... improvise:

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