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Question about hermaphrodite seeds


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Seen one of the dispensaries around me with selling seeded flowers I know people are going to grow these seeds my question is will hermaphrodite seeds come out hermaphrodite or will they come out Mixed?


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Depending on whether it went hermie due to stress or due to genetics would be a factor in that, but I'm pretty sure you'll have female seeds with a chance of hermaphroditism


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After talking to their grower the conditions are a fan went out in the greenhouse temperature roast you hot if you plants hermaphrodite it due to heat unsure how it works with hermaphrodite seeds I have never grown a seed I did not know where it came from Mostly I grow clones

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Feminised seeds are hermie. Breeding and other factors are used to minimize hermie offspring, but it's in there.
Main difference is how much stress needed to get some nuts.

That's where the breeding and whatnot come in.
Those beans are stress related, not a chick deciding she was meant to be a dude, so you have less chance of hermie seeds compared to a natural occuring hermie's seeds
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