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Question about the Biobizz feeding schedule .


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sorry for the maybe stupid question but i dont really understand when to start using biobloom
does it mean 3 weeks from seedling?i mean "from the moment it broke ground"
or 3 weeks from the moment the first real leaves grow?
i really dont understand this part .. and i'm afraid i might have started bio bloom too soon
sorry this is my first time growing and i want to learn as much as i can
first 2 broke ground at 14.4 and the other 2 broke ground at 18.4
so for both i started biogrow + bioheaven
and fore those that broke at 14 i add alg a mgic + acti vera and today i gave them 1ml/1l of topmax and biobloom according to the feeding chart..
is it too early or am i ok?
and if it is too early can it be fixed?
i'm growing autoflowering seeds
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