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Question: Miracle-Gro "Bloom Booster"


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My outdoors have just begun their first week in the flowering stage. I bought some Miracle Gro Bloom Booster Flower Food for them, the blue stuff you mix in your water. On the side it shows you that it contains alot of Nitroger, Phosphate, Potash and all sorts of other junk thats good for plants. I know this stuff is supposed to work well on almost any plant- "annual and perennial flowers and plants" whatever that means. Just wondering if this is also good for my plants or should I not even use it?:smokin3:


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miracle grow products--all of them--are crap.
They are harsh chem's that don't have everything a plant needs.
Almost anything else is better.
I suggest using organic nute's. Go to a nursery and look for a nutrient that is higher in P(phosphorus) than N(nitrogen) or K(potassium). P is the middle number. It may say something like 2-8-4, which is what Fox Farms Tiger Bloom has.


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If your plants were starving, then miracle grow would help.
So would urine.
miracle grow products are to nutrients, what AM/PM hot dogs are to food; better than nothing.
But there are many many products much better than miracle grow.


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Growing soil, I suggest taking a couple hours to read up on organic nutes and ferts. Trust me your plants will love you for it and in return your buds will love you for it.


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I have no doubt that organic is the way to go; even if not, there are better products than miracle grow. I just remember when I first started growing, sooooo many people freaked me out by calling some ideas terrible, it'll kill your plants, etc.
if you are trying to be really stealth about the whole grow, and don't have access to a good grow store for the good stuff, MG is fine.


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Works perfectly fine for me.. All the people who claim that it taste like crap im sure they have never used it before.. Or they don't know how to flush there plants 2 weeks before harvest. My outdoor plant is now 5 feet tall and ive been using bloom booster. 15-30-15 i believe is what it is.

But there is better stuff i guess


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It won't taste bad if you flush it correctly. You can find a number of 100% Organic growing products at the supermarket if you look. Walmart probably has a small section in the gardening "seasonal" department. I found mine at Meijer in Michigan, which is basically a Walmart.

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don't know about these guys, but I'm on my 2nd harvest using MG bloom booster (instead of green/yellow, the package is green/violet?) and great results. the 1st crop was great, tasted fine, now crop #2 is almost finished, looking great. don't let people scare you.

Good point dr. I use miracle grow but in moderation. I am currently experimenting with miracle grow and General hydroponics and you can surtainly see the differance in bud size. My piece of advice, is find what works for you and stick with it till you get some experiance, try other nutes as well and see how they affect your plants. Like Dr said don't let ppl scare you and definatly expand your knowledge. In any case As long as you got bud I am happy for ya and you should be to no matter what nutes you use :peace:


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I can tell you from experience that useing MG and not flushing completely will give you some nasty tasting bud.

My buddy brought some over one day, I fired it up and said.."Dude, this tastes like somthing... like... Miracle Grow!" he says, ya, that what he uses to fert his plants... But I think if you flush right, this shouldn't happen.


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I agree with Boss-G, even with flushing it will not be very tasty. MG does work great in terms of yield, but the harsh taste isn't worth it. Get something else, and add Liquid Kharma as soon as you can.

The best thing about growing is being able to control things like this and end up with a superior product you can't get elsewhere.


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I started on a MG feeding regime. With a flush it will be fine. There may be some people out there who can taste it no matter what but the average person probably won't.

I am doing organic now on clones from the MG plant. I may have already messed it up by using cuttings from a non organic plant but oh well.

The main thing you want to think about is do you want to smoke something thats had chems pumped through it it's whole life or would you rather smoke all organic/chem free weed.

I like to compare it to pharm drugs. I rather try an all natural herbal remedy than take a synthetic pill that could very well have negative side effects.

Or think about it like food for yourself. Would you rather eat a nice juicy steak or that nutrient rich paste out of the matrix?


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You can flush a plant as much as you want....... if you want to drown it. I've flushed once every 2 weeks in the flowering stage to get rid of old nutes that may be hangin around. Suposedly if you flush and don't fert for the last 2 weeks your buds will taste better and burn better.
i don't post very often. i have , for many years, learned how to grow from this site. i also work in an industry that uses ferts every day, the golf course industry. i have to determine what ferts to put on bent grass, poa grass, blue grass, rye grass etc. we also have a lot of landscaping...flowers, perenials, annuals , azalias etc. i spend over $100,000 annually buying ferts. for just one course, we also hire 35-40 people a year to prune and care for everything. i have used ferts from all of the commercial companies. unfortunately, i have to put up with the fert salesmen every week. with a degree in turf i know what i am talking about. the chemicals in MG are no different than any others. to say that MG will taste different than Schultz bloom booster is absurd. the fert companies buy their chemicals from the same suppliers. organic N is no different than N that can be bought from a chemical company. it is just delivered in a different fashion...animal waste. would you rather that your nitrogen be delivered in fairly clean chemical form or cow or fowl shit?

since my profs didn't teach weed growilng, i still come here for tips on how to make my grows better. in my profession, why the hell should i buy it? i have made mistakes that could have been avoided if i had paid attention here. l agree with most that is posted here. weed is different than a putting green.

however, the fert debate needs to start to do some serious thinking about what is being said. most people act like they demand organic. that means, to quote cheech,.."i'm smokin dog shit?"

i use commercial ferts. i bring them home for free. i don't grow a lot, just enough for my personal use...plus my son, step daughter and a couple others. l like good taste and good potency. i get both and do sometimes with MG!

i work with 3 other guys who have degrees in either turf or horticulture. we all grow. we also all agree that the lack of love for MG is unfounded. none of us are large growers, just personal use,but i will match our grows with just about anyone's on the growing sites.

bottom line?.... a lot of people are just regurgitating what they have read, not what they have experienced.

just my opinion,fwiw


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Well bucky...Your right that a lot of people repeat what they read. I think it's called book or internet learning or for us older folk...school! lol
It's well known chems nutes work and can work well. That's not the issue. We are medically motivated at this site. it's my understanding that 99% if not all of the staff are med user. If we push for a more enviromentally safe aand less chemically way of growing it's not to say nothing else will do but to say there are other ways that work as well and do less all around damage. Up here in northern California our salmon run is half what it used to be. A big reason contributing to this is the run off of the chemical ferts and pesticides from farms.
We don't mean to sound if chemical nutrients are bad. nitrogen is nitrogen and phosphorus is phosphorus. some are natural and some aren't.


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I would only use MG in an outdoor situation.I would be afraid of nutrient lock up indoors
I got to ask this one...why would it lock up indoors but not outdoors? You do understand what lock out is right? If there is going to be a chemical reaction in the roots that keep them from uptaking nutrients I doubt whether the sun is going to make a difference.
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