New grow (grow B) SD & ATF

OK, to start I use an EZ Clone machine. This thing is great! Just take cuttings, put 'em in and add nutrients, clones in 10-15 days...


Many of these clones will go to other card holders in the area... Here are details of the lighting and mounting...





Dirts is filled. I use Sunshine Mix #4...


Left over stakes from my last grow...


Some details of ventilation and controls, panel, etc.




Clones ready to go...



More to come...
Well, I have been off line for a while because I somehow left my laptop in a puddle of water while it was on. Amazingly after not working for several days it has dried out and works again!! Excellent! I was not looking forward to buying a new computer right now! Transplanting has just occurred and I will post more photos tonight or tomorrow.
Off to a good start, cant wait how this one turns out.Good Luck.
Nice Kick!!! I've got a room to set up in a few weeks and I like the electrical panel. It's clean and with the breakers, it's safe. If one thing shorts it shouldn't trip the whole circuit. NICE!!!.I like the whole panel timer too, nice touch.

How much weight do you figure those cables could support? Why the frame for the flouros?
You just gave me inspiration to make a home made light mover. Why not hang lights and slide them back and forth from time to time. I have the luxury of being able to be in and out of my place all day long. I have the opportunity to move the lights around several times a day and at night when I'm home.
I know the flouros that you have you don't need to move but what about bigger lights when the time is right. Seems to me that you have just designed an affordable way to have a manual light mover. Isn't the idea of a light move to hit different parts of the plant with light that may otherwise be shaded?
I think it will be ideal for me as I plan to rotate and turn the plants a quarter turn each day to allow every part of every plant a turn in the sun. I could slide my lights on the cable a foot or two every couple of hours.

May I borrow your design?
Good idea jackhammermik. I didn't think of using that design for HID lamps... The main reason I built the frame is that the cheap flourescent lights tend to have a lot of flex to them if just hung from chains; they tend to fall apart and once the end caps fall off the bulbs just drop right out. This design eliminates that. I was not able to attach the cables to the ceiling as we have ceiling heat (worst invention to date I believe), so the walls were my only choice. Yes, you may borrow my design. :)
OK, time for an update. We are currently in week 4 of the life of this current crop. I am waiting for photo approval, but in the mean time...

I am using the B'Cuzz line of nutrients. This consists of an "A" component, a "B" component, a "PK-1314" component, Root additive, Growth additive, and Bloom additive. Each phase of growth uses the "A" & "B" in varying proportions. Root is added during the first phase, Growth is added during the second phase, "PK-1314" is added as well as Growth and Bloom during the third, and "PK-1314" and Bloom are added during the forth phase. This time around I will be adding a carbohydrate additive during bloom. Tonight I purchased a gallon of Root Organics "Trinity" for my brother to try on his crop. If all goes well with his crop this is the carb additive I will use. I have also considered using fresh orange juice (suggested by Smoking Moose).

As soon as photos are approved I will post them as well.
Photos have been approved. This is a shot of the same 9 in the week 3 update...


This one is the plant located to the left and in the middle of the above shot...



This is one of the ATFs. The clone developed two main shafts instead of one, probably the way it was cut initially. This one will be fun to watch develop; kind of a set of Siamese twins. Actually they have been nicknamed "the twins". They do share a common root ball though, classifying them as one plant legally.


Until next time... :cool:
I like the juice too. Fresh pinapple, grapefruit, orange, they like it :)

Does it effect the taste of the bud? The people at the hydro shop I frequent say the Root Organics stuff makes the bud taste really fruity and nice on the palate. The feeding schedule I got with it says to use it even during flush time. They guy I talked to about it at the shop agreed and said he uses the product as well. The schedule calls for it to be used at a 15ml/US Gal, then at 5ml/US Gal. during the flush week.
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