Sour Diesel & ATF Grow


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Hi, I just thought I would take a moment to show off some of my current grow. It is mostly Sour Diesel with a few Alaskan Thunder F***s (ATFs) mixed in. They have been in bloom for 18 days...






Hope you all enjoy!! :cool:
Great strains and lovely plants.
Good stuff! Don't forget to give us update pics when they are furthur along. :cheesygrinsmiley::peace:
Well, I suppose it is time to update. These photos show the girls at 21 days in bloom. They are already getting so heavy with bud that I am staking and tying them up in these photos. I also "skirt" the plants on the bottoms... I remove the first couple of branches and all small buds that aren't getting a lot of light below the canopy. This seems to improve the size of the buds at the top and also eliminates all that "larf" that is so hard to deal with at harvest time.

This is one plant before skirting and tie up:


This is after skirting and tie up:


This shows a close up of the final result:


Trimmed and tied:


Some shots of the buds (21 days in bloom):




They are also slurping up water and nutrients now. I use CO2 which as you may know will speed up growth and metabolism by up to 300%.
OK, time for an update on this grow... These are some shots of the top buds thirty days into bloom...





A day or two before these pictures I noticed the 'dreaded mites' on one plant. I immediately raised the humidity in the room to slow down the propagation... I sprayed all of my babies with Azatrol. This is THE super mite killer. I treated two days ago, and will treat them again tomorrow, then three days after that. Up where I live a lot of people grow; there is a lot of mites here, and you WILL deal with them sooner or later. Question is how and when you will face them. Azatrol is the shit here so far. This stuff kills mites in the first treatment, then the eggs they lay produce mites that are sterile. That definitely will work with three treatments. Unfortunately this stuff costs about 100 USD/qt. On the other hand each 1/4 oz= 1 gal. of pesticide. That makes 32 gal. of poison per qt. The best part is this stuff will break down after about 48-72 hrs. of exposure to UV. If I am within 2 wks of harvest I use an organic product like 'Orange Guard'. This stuff will make your medicine smell good and get stickier... Is sticker a word????

I suppose I need to do an update now. I do not have pictures today but will upload some in the next few days. I have been really busy! The buds on these girls are so big and heavy that even the smallest limbs need to be tied up now. I have used a huge amount of sticks and need more. I will go in tomorrow to get more. Perhaps I can take those pics...
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