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Hey, everyone. This is quite obviously my 1st time growin'. I know there are going to be a lot of mistakes, especially since I just got laid off (again.) But my main two goals are to have fun with it and learn, learn, learn. Ive started off in unfavorable conditions as I had to pick up some MG organic potting soil. I sprouted in jiffy pellets. First two days sprouts were under natural light in the Kitchen. Transplanted to cut off 20oz. bottles yesterday. Bought a 3 fixture light for $10 at Lowes and have three 23w/6500k's on the babies now. Ran 18-6 last night. Will have a few bucks here and there to upgrade light's etc. For now though some constructive criticism and/or help would be appreciated!
P.S. What's the best way to get pic's on here? I'm not dumb, just ignorant when it comes to forums.
Thanks Be Irie.
good luck with the grow. I'm sure peeps will be chiming in with suggestions.

my suggestion first is to get a ph test kit. They are fairly inexpensive from most stores that have a pool section or a pet/aquarium section. Get a liquid kit that has a few points between 6 and 7 (like 6, 6.4, 6.6, 6.8, 7). this will help dial the ph of your water. if your ph is too far away from 6.5 either way, you will have issues with plants not being able to take up certain nutrients.

I made the mistake of getting ph test strips with indicators of 4,5,6,7,8 and they just didn't do the trick.
Thanks CocoJoe. When should I look into bigger pots? I won't have room for over 4 fem's. with my $$$ situation. Got 11 babies now, if half end up male i'll end up w/ 5-6. Can put anything over 4 outside late April. With it being my first time I just don't want to screw anything up if I can help it. I already don't have all the tools I need, so I'm behind the curve starting out.
Well, I just picked up a 30 gallon Rubbermaid tote and a new three light strip. Also got two 2-1 sockets, so now were pushing out (8) 26w cfl's in a 30 gallon space. Cut vent in bottom side for fan in. Venting through 1" gap on opposite side...stealth at this point is not an issue. Got some 6" pots to transplant in, but as I just put them in 20 oz. bottles yesterday will probably give them a couple of weeks to settle down. If there is anything I need to be doing feel free to chime in. I don't have a ph tester yet as I have looked at three stores and have had no luck. They seem ok with the tap here and the soil, even though its MG Organic. I settled for that because the longest the nutes stay in the soil is 2 months...should be less since I flushed the soil some before using.
Good luck on this amigo. If you are using transparant pots, cover them with tape or thick paper or something so the roots dont get light on them..

Loads of help here so Im sure you will get the best of whatever set up situiation you have. Bound to be some mistakes I assure you so dont rush anything and dont overwater or feed extra nutes or anything at this stage

Thanks dohmixer, I had one set on low, but wasn't getting any movement. Just put it on medium.

When I trans. to bigger pot in a few days should I pot up to the bottom set of leaves? It kinda sucks not knowing what I'm dealing with as far as the seeds. I'm not going to have more than 3 feet of headroom for these babies. I'm still planning on putting all but 2-3 outdoors in mid-April, So I guess this will be my first indoor and outdoor grow. It was some good smoke. So hopefully with some TLC it will turn into great smoke!!!
Hey Tribe,
sorry about the job situation. I got laid off over a year ago so I feel your pain.

My buddy and I have a similar grow going on, working on a limited budget. Seems like you are on the right track. You should get your space lined with mylar or a similar reflective material. If funds are really bad just line it with 2 or 3 pages thick of printer paper, it'll help improve interior lighting.

With not a lot of head room, LST (Low Stress Training - bending) is a fantastic option that'll let you manipulate the plants to make the most of a small grow area. Someone posted a pretty detailed LST guide on my journal, so feel free to check it out.

Good luck and I'll be keeping an eye on this!
Thanks Diemand Edge. I actually bought some flat white paint for the tub but it has been raining for two days straight. I am planning on painting when I transplant to bigger containers. Thanks for the input and keep it coming! Heading over to check yours out.
1st serious question. Over the last couple of hours about half of the girls have started to sag. I know that this early it is usually from over/under watering. With that said, yesterday I sprayed them liberally with the water bottle. I didn't, however do it until water drained out the bottom. That was the first water since two days before. Being in the 20oz. bottles do you think they are drying out to fast or did I give them too much over too short a time? I don't want to sound stupid, but I checked the soil and although it looks predominantly dry there are still some darker places too...not real dark just a slight variation. Should I leave them tonight during their off cycle before attempting to water thoroughly? 1st pic is saggin', 2nd is one that is fine.
i read u needed a ph tester u can find 1 pretty cheap on ebay like 20 bucks or so thats shipping and all. they are digital simple to work some of them u need to calibrate first but the cal. solution is cheap to some on there come with the solution.just an idea if u was interested in 1. p.s. the babbies look great keep up the good work.
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